User Reports -ZENergy™

September 5, 2003
Many thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into developing ZENergy™. I’ve been taking it for a month and have been very happy with the results. First, I’ve had a noticeable – and much needed – increase in energy. I have two little boys, one six and the other three. At my house, we call the time between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. “monkey hour.” We’re all just getting home, the kids are starved for both food and attention and chaos rules. ZENergy™ has given me that extra boost I need to get through not only “monkey hour,” but dinner, bath and homework. I can even read an hour or two after the boys go to bed instead of just collapsing like I used to! I’ve also appreciated its effect on my practice of Reiki. As you know, Reiki is a hands-on technique that promotes healing and chakra clearing by drawing on the universal energy field. My sense is that since taking ZENergy™, my connection to the energy source is stronger. That is, the current of energy flowing in through my crown chakra and out of my hands is stronger and more palpable. You’ll definitely be getting additional business from me. Congratulations on your fine product and best wishes for your continued success,

Hi everyone, this is Grisel. I think it is my turn to report on ZENergy™. I do not have a particular problem or illness to heal so my report is not too spectacular. Let´s start with doses. I can only take half 1/8 tsp a day. Anything above that I just flip. First day I took the recommended dosis 1/8 twice a day and I was overwhelmed, energy was very strong and I felt it most around my solar plexus, my knees kind of trembled (I got rid of a little bit of arthritis I had on my knees). It was a very strong experience. When I tried 1/8 tsp I had a mild ecstatic experience, sense of well being thru my body, I take it at bedtime, I fall sleep and then two hours later I am wide awake, having this wonderful sensation in my body, very healing sensation. It makes me extremely sensitive emotionally. Side effects: wonderful for gums and too aches, spots in the skin, skin problems, it is all around medicine. My husband bit his tongue the other day, used it and healed very fast. Excellent for burns and fungi as well. Spiritually speaking, I have very vivid dreams, working out unfinished business in dreams. Dream I am flying a lot. I have the feeling the third eye wants to open. Tingling sensation in different chakras. Mind works very fast, very efficient, excellent stuff for the brain. My capacity to conceptualize is usually very high but now is really running! Excellent mixture. best regards,

I had pain from my teeth to not have been able to sleep. My gums are so weak that I have not been able to put my teeth together which is infected and caused pain up into my temple. I started taking ZENergy™ by holding it onto my gums about one minute. After the 1st day, the pain stopped immediately in the jaw, temple, cheek, and no pain in gums and my teeth are strong and I can clampdown and hold them together. I have strength and no pain in my teeth. I ran out of the ZENergy™ for two days now, and my teeth are holding up with no pain, but I don’t want to be without the ZENergy™. I am a believer, since I am very skeptic about things. I want to thank Zhenya for turning me onto it.

Report from Professional Shamaness

3/9/2021          Highly Highly recommend. 
Phenomenal and alluring are the two words that best describe my experience with taking ZENergy on the daily for the last month. Phenomenal response from my brain, body and proprioceptors. Within 2 minutes of taking it I feel an immediate surge of chi activation – not like a having a stimulant such as coffee, green tea or cacao, this is a different feeling. It’s like my own life force receives the exact organic chemical compound it needs to get all cylinders and synapses firing for whatever the task at hand demands, whether it be a shamanic energy session, a medicine ceremony, trail run or writing. Alluring in the way I find myself intrigued with the bio-physics of whatever activity I am engaged in, again, whether it be physical, spiritual or mental, there is a serious sync-up and synergy that happens on all levels. Thank you Chaz for the work you do and the purity of the true ORME recipe you create with. I cannot say enough about Zenergy, as well as the other products I’ve had the privilege to try. 
My sincere gratitude,

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 13:38:45 -0700
Subject: ZENergy™ report day 5
My name is Rose, I am 78 years old and had major surgery two years ago and the outcome was not all that promising. I began to use ZENergy™around July 7 with dramatic results within a twenty four hour period. I posted a report last week and felt I wanted to follow up with a more in depth one. As I stated before my bones and joints hurt daily, no relief with aspirin or any other kind of over the counter remedies, even some mild prescribed medications did not alleviate the dull aches I endured. My daughter visited me and brought along a bottle of ZENergy™ and convinced me that I had nothing to lose but the pain. I live very close to the water and my favorite pastime is crabbing from the pier but this year I was not able to enjoy it because the bending and stooping and reaching down to net the crabs was difficult. Anyway, sometime during the second day of taking the ZENergy™ I felt good, I mean limber and flexible and full of vigor. I packed up my crabbing gear and drove it down to the dock as usual, because I wasn’t really up to walking back and forth. Soon after setting up everything I walked up to the house and back several times when suddenly I realized what I had just done!!!! WALKED, WALKED, WALKED, instead of driving. WOW!!! I blasted into the house in great astonishment and proclaimed to my daughter, ” what is it that made me feel this good?” Now I wanted to know everything about this product. That was well over a week ago and I am experiencing even more beneficial advances. I feel alive and full of pep. I am able to swing my arms around in large circles backwards and forwards, flapping then up and down. I am also able to kick my legs up and down bending them as if marching. I even demonstrated by jogging up and down the stairs, prior to that I would scoot up and down on my fanny. As strange as this sounds it is absolutely the truth. I am ecstatic and relieved to feel strength and vitality again.


Ah, and I am continuing to enjoy the Zenergy™! I have noticed that I procrastinate much less these days. This wasn’t a major problem before, but something has definately shifted. My body hums (resonates, tingles) most of the time. It is an outward manifestation of experiencing an annointing, or the sweet presence of God’s love. I can sense this sensation is also from Zenergy. Has anyone else ever told you that? Quite interesting, I think.
Long ago I gave a name to this sensation, I call it the “Arms of Love” , as it is such a deep, colorful sense of well being, one of dwelling in the arms of compassionate and unconditional love. So all is well, and healing, I trust, it is an unfolding and continual process.



I would like to share my experiences with ZENergy™, which was provided to me by I started taking a quarter teaspoon a day about a month ago without any specific need in mind, but thinking that it would make me feel better in some way.
I was surprised to discover that the discomfort from a year old knee injury was greatly reduced within the first twenty-four hours. I sprained both knees in March of 2002 and the left knee continued to hurt and remained unstable and would shift in position suddenly. My only treatment was NSAIDs and an elastic bandage during this entire time. I knew that these types of injuries take time to heal but the ongoing instability and pain was beginning to annoy me. I was pleased to discover the unexpected result of taking the ZENergy™ was that my knee felt much stronger and that the pain and more significantly, the insecurity associated with it, has virtually disappeared. I feel that my knee is really healing at last.
A related point here is that my visits to the Chiropractor have indicated that my wife, who is also taking the ZENergy™, and I are both “holding our adjustments” much better than in the past. My weekly checkups have indicated very little movement out of alignment in my spine.My own conclusion is that the ZENergy™ is strengthening the ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue around all my joints.
When I took the product I was expecting only become calmer and more centered, but the “side effects” are a real bonus.
Thanks Priestess for sharing your work and efforts with us.

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:03:36 EDT
Subject: Reporting on ZENergy™and Sola™

I have been taking the ZENergy™ for two weeks now, and wanted to report in! I began with a small dosage of 3 drops a day. Yes … drops, not dropperfuls. I tend to be sensitive so I’ve learned to “listen” and even if the amounts seem small, I still pay attention. Otherwise I have a healing crisis to deal with. Been there, done that and learned!!! When I take Zenergy, I can feel the effect throughout my body, but mainly, right now it is focused in my legs and ankles. There is a surge of energy in this part of my body, and it remains for hours. After a few days of this, I was aware of being sooo weary. It was a healing type of tired, and I craved rest. Again I listened to my body. I moved some items off my schedule in order to get that extra sleep my body was begging for. I even found myself falling asleep at odd times, unusual for me. But in the midst of this, I was aware that this was ALL GOOD.
I stopped ingesting the ZENergy™ for a few days to take a break. I continued to drink LOTS of water. I endeavor to live a healthy lifestyle and I try to “listen” to my body, so I was aware of drinking LOTS of water at this time. I also supplemented my diet with my usual “stuff” … homemade spiralina balls, clustered water and fresh veg juices (especially carrot juice, my favorite). I restarted the Zenergy again, and I am now taking 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops midday. I don’t feel like “the energizer bunny” but there is an ongoing sense of healing deep within. I wish I could explain that out loud in better terms. I can tell you, however, that something is happening with my joints. In the mornings when I wake up I am aware of a tremendous urge to stretch, and my joints seem to be readjusting themselves. My shoulder was the first place I noticed, then my lower back/legs.

I have a new type of physical energy I haven’t experienced for years … it’s not the kind where you go out to run a marathon, it’s more of an inner energy/stamina strength. I find that I am not procrastinating with physical tasks now: last Sunday I was able to accomplish a LOT of yard work. It was 108 degrees that day and even though I was tired at the end of the day, it was nothing in comparison to the past.
My ZENergy™ experience has been a gradual and ongoing unfolding. I am so grateful to Chaz for his devotion and help.


Subject:Aetheria/ ZENergy™…
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 04:57:18 -0700
Hello everyone,
I am reporting on my first experience with ZENergy™ after the 3d week. Well whatever were my doubts, they are gone!!! As I said before I thought I had a very good health and haven’t had any problems for a very long long time by the grace of God. Well I always have been very curious, going on 40 at the end of the year, and with an absolutely crazy rhythm of life, I decided to experiment with ZENergy™ to start with!!! I have been taking a teaspoon full in the morning and at night of ZENergy™ for the past 3 weeks. My first physical noticeable experienced was tiredness and some physical discomfort where ever I have had old injuries, mainly my spine, cervical vertebras, jaw-teeth, and my head in general. I would describe the discomfort as I would of after a chiropractor session though more acute and with the same tiredness felt during an illness recovery and major headaches. So I have been sleeping a lot and also, as suggested, reduced the dosage and also took some calcium/magnesium to help with the healing recovery.
Now here is the good part. The tiredness is mostly gone and I recovered my great energy of before with the added bonus of feeling my entire body like it was 20 years ago. All the pains I had in my spine, neck, and joints that I learned to control and forget about, are almost gone completely. It is a strange feeling of freedom like a weight was lifted off my back. I still have the severe headaches, but again I am not surprised as my face has been rearranged more then once, and cracked my skull twice, once in a horse back riding accident and the other in a motorcycle crash. At 16 years old I had a bad meningitis and head tumor caused by a bad crown. At the time they were still using some kind of toxic material in their root canal procedure and some lead in their crowns. Well after some moths paralyzed and some very serious doze and antibiotic I recovered fully except once in a while some bad headaches and terrible sinus problems. Nevertheless I have not had those for at least 15 years.
One little thing that I totally forgot and I just noticed, is that the past ten year here in Arizona I got a kind of mole, not a sun spot, that grew on my forehead right at the hair line. For a while I was worried about it because it was growing. I had it removed 2 years ago and it was coming back again. The doctors told me that it was nothing at all, and that it was just a hereditary recessive chromosome type, and it was common at my age for those to trigger. So I was planning to have it removed again with more tests done. Well I don’t think I need that any longer as it is almost entirely gone. I did not take a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did not think of it and don’t even know when it started to go away!!! I just noticed it because it is a place that I usually tap as I know not to scratch with my left index when I am thinking, and could not feel the bump anymore!!! I’ll make sure to keep track of my scars as I do have plenty of those.
On a silly note, just tell me that I will not go back as a baby!!!! I would not want to relive this whole thing again… Ha Ha Ha…
Now, what I find really interesting is that I really thought that all those dings and illnesses I had in my youth were healed and gone. As I said before I have not had any problems what so ever for at least the past 15 years and have had a very full and active life during this time. I guess it was just a disaster waiting to happen in my old age perhaps. I am glad I am taking care of that right now while it is not serious at all.
Thank you, your ZENergy™ really works…