User Reports - Thoth Polish™

Hey Priestess
Today I FINALLY got to brush my teeth with Thoth Polish™ , talk about a pleasant yet stimulating paste for teeth & gums, they feel and look cleaner with just this first brushing.
I want to brush my teeth all over again!! This is GREAT Thoth Paste, I LOVE IT !!


Hello all, I have an exposed tooth on a bridge that needs to be repaired, therefore causing me much pain and probably bacterial infection. My glands were swollen on that side of my neck. I used Thoth Polish™ from directly on my tooth; just holding it there for awhile about 2-3 times a day. I also massaged my swollen glands with Cleopatra’s Milk™. In a couple of days the pain and swelling stopped completely. I am going to see my dentist now to repair the bridge. Saved by the Priestess!



“I had many loose teeth and could not afford dentistry. I was working as a carpenter for a lady that recommended Thoth Polish and gave me a jar. In under a week my gums started to tighten up around the loose teeth. What a gift that was!”  William, Sedona


I first started using Priestess Alchemy’s tooth creme four months ago when I had a filling fall out of one of my teeth leaving me with an open hole an exposed nerve, and swollen gum’s. I started applying the tooth creme directly in the open hole and on the surrounding gum’s repeating this daily. I noticed immediate and dramatic change, within days the pain and swelling had subsided and I could chew food again being cautious of the still open hole in my tooth. Also whilst the left side of my mouth was debilitated I was using my right side to chew food creating a problem with one of my teeth and gum’s exposing the nerve and irritating the gum’s. The tooth creme helped to stabilize my gum’s and teeth on both sides of my mouth. I can now eat food using all my teeth with minimized irritation or pain. I continue to use this amazing creme today to ensure a healthy mouth and continued healing. “ Jeffrey

Thoth Polish™ is a unique combination of ORME Quintessential Gold and a mild abrasive of Mt. Shasta Sacred Healing Clay. Clove Essential Oil imparts subtle flavor and a slight numbing effect. ZENERGY™ in water makes an excellent mouth wash with enhanced oral absorption.