User Reports - Stone of Heaven


These are all unsolicited reports from the ‘guinea pigs’ using The Stone of Heaven.


“I have been suffering from ChemTrails toxins since they started up again last week. As soon as I started wearing your latest v7.0 Stone of Heaven pendant those toxic effects went away. As you requested, I asked ‘upstairs’ why and what was happening and got this answer clairvoyantly: “The Stone of Heaven creates an electromagnetic shield around the physical body protecting it from external toxic infiltration .
The higher frequency quotient of these precious metals merge directly with the auric field and allow total detachment from the density of the physical world resulting in a presence of being in the world but not of it.” Andrea Clare Norvell, Clairvoyant Sacred Sound Healing.


The author is a research scientist with a background in physics and biochemistry. He is also a highly successful medical intuitive and energy healer.
“Congratulations, Chaz. The Stone is the Real Deal, an alchemical tool of unique power and potential. Now that I’ve had a chance to play with it for a month, it seems to me that The Stone is a transducer of consciousness. What I mean is that it intermediates between the worlds of matter and spirit and therefore it’s exquisitely sensitive to the user’s consciousness. One can heal with it, as many have suggested, but it’s even more effective as a tool when it’s used with conscious intention. The Stone is similar in effect to a quartz crystal, only many times more powerful.

Here’s one example: I was at a spiritual retreat a couple of months ago during which I won a raffle for the top door prize. I did it by using The Stone as a psychic amplifier to project my intention. I wasn’t at all surprised to win, even though the odds were about 50 to 1.


For another example, a few weeks ago I suffered an episode of gastrointestinal distress and abdominal pain. I was lying down at the time with The Stone nearby but inaccessible. Instead I reached out with my mind, connected with the consciousness of The Stone, and directed it to heal the affected area. The pain ceased completely and almost instantly.
The Stone appears to work by generating a field of syntropic, life-enhancing force, which some may experience as chi. It does so similarly to the way that a magnet generates a magnetostatic field. And just as a magnet can impart its field to a bar of unmagnetized iron, The Stone produces a field that can organize matter – especially biological matter – into higher states of order, structure, and complexity.
The best objective evidence I have for this is the remarkable effect The Stone has on structuring water. I’ve known for some time that my body is somewhat dehydrated, a common enough problem as people age. I’ve also been seeing a myofascial therapist to relieve some joint problems and she always tells me how dehydrated my muscles and fascia feel. Without informing her I started drinking two to three cups a day of Penta water charged with The Stone, not very much altogether. After one week of this I went in for another myofascial session, only to witness my therapist’s amazement at how responsive and flexible my tissues had become. The benefits I experienced have only grown since then.
One more thought: I mentioned putting The Stone in Penta water because Penta water is already structured and it’s easy for The Stone to overwrite it. But I had been drinking Penta water for weeks before I added The Stone to it, and my myofascial therapist didn’t see ANY spectacular results until I started doing so. So it’s not the Penta water that’s been helping my rehydrate so effectively, it’s The Stone. It would undoubtedly work with any decent water, preferably spring water. So it’s probably best to delete the word Penta from what I wrote – it doesn’t add anything and it might be misleading.
Considering that the human body is made up of perhaps 70% water, I’m not too surprised that placing The Stone on or near the body can have so many wonderful effects. This is powerful stuff indeed – not magic, but science. Thanks for your ingenious breakthroughs in making such a device possible.” AnonyMous in Amherst

“Hey Chaz,

How are you my friend? So, I let two of my co-workers (both healers) hold the Stone of Heaven yesterday for the first time (and the first time each has been exposed to any type of ormus/etc effect). They were both pretty blown away. The first commented on how much pulsation she felt when she held it. The other had an almost immediate and quite profound opening in her energy body that continued to manifest for the rest of the day. Part of the opening was reconnecting to past life memories of alchemical work that she had done in ancient Egypt. Interestingly, she told me that a few days earlier she was made aware that she was soon to go through a profound life shift (I don’t know if this was inner guidance or through an intuitive, etc) Sounds like the Stone may have helped initiate this. Very cool!! BTW, you can feel free to post this review on the Ormus forum, etc if you’d like.” Andy



“Che’hahn Tah-Moe, (How are you Brother?)

Due to a personal experience three days ago, I decided it was time
to give you an ‘update’ on the Stone of  Heaven™ “dome” and the Pendant you
gifted to me. I apologize for the length of this letter, but feel
it is necessary to perhaps give some validity to what I am
about to say about my experiences over the last month or so.

First, a little back-ground on myself; I am a Native American
Elder and Medicine Man. (Sometimes referred to as a Shaman.)
Personally, I don’t believe I’ve progressed far enough to consider
myself a Shaman. But, with the help of my Spirit Guide, I am
a decent Medicine Man. January 26, I will enter my 77th year
on Mother Earth (In this life). I have been ‘reborn’ many times
the past hundreds of thousands of years, but will not be
back for another learning experience. (Thank God!!). (lol)

January of this year, (2013), two days before my birthday, I under-
went open-heart surgery and had a triple by-pass. As you can
imagine, I haven’t felt “up to par” since that happening. Though
I still feel great in a Spiritual sense, ever since, I had suffered with
shortness of breath. Even walking 10 feet to the kitchen would
cause me to have to stand leaning against the counter while I
‘caught my breath’. Very disconcerting to an active man as myself.

After I received the “Stone(s) of Heaven”, I began carrying one
in my left shirt pocket, (closest to my heart). I know I told you
that after a couple of weeks, that I could feel no change caused
by the “Stone” and perhaps any changes were too subtle for me
to discern. Now, I would like to attest to the fact that the “Stone”
IS A SOURCE OF ENERGY!! From my communications with
Mike and learning of his experiences with the “Stone”, coupled
with my results, I now believe the “Stone” is not only an energy
source, but also has certain healing properties. (So, back to me).

About six days ago, I realized that I was walking the hundred
feet (approx.) uphill from my greenhouse, carrying a 5 gallon
planter with the plant, without having to stop and set it down
so that I could catch my breath. (Happy day!!) (lol)

Then, since things were going so well, I decided to try an
experiment: Three days ago, as I was getting dressed, I got to
wondering what the effects would be if I kept the “Stone” in
my pocket and put the pendant down the back of my shirt,
in essence, sandwiching myself between the “Stones”.
So, I hung the pendant down my back and placed the “Stone
in my pocket.
By 2pm, I found I had a total lack of interest in anything
I attempted to do. (I never even thought of lunch or dinner).

I have never in my adult life felt the need to take naps, but,
by 2:30, I got sleepy and took a 30 minute nap. When I woke up,
I was disorientated, wondering what the heck was going on. About 5pm,
I remembered the pendant and moved it around front where it belongs.
By 10pm, I was feeling much more normal and the shortness of
breath was just about gone again.

As of today, I am back to the condition that I was before I decided
to hang the pendant down my back.

The moral of this story is: Don’t put the stones where they oppose
each other. (Especially with your body between them). (lol)

I should note here that the flat sides of the stones were facing
each other. And now, due to my last experiment, I’m not sure that
I want to try it with the rounded sides facing each other. (lol)

(FYI,) The Dome and the Pendant appear to channel their energy
in a more concentrated manner through the rounded side. (As
opposed to the flat side). Not only that, but I also found that if
I sleep with the flat side of the stone toward my head, (in the pillow-
case), my dreams are much more varied and easier to remember.
For the last two nights, I’ve slept with the rounded side of The
Stone towards my head and haven’t been able to recall any of my dreams.

Hmm, In retrospect, I wonder if it’s a question of the ‘strength’
of the energy, or perhaps; the top puts out a different kind of
energy than the bottom.

This could get confusing, but the experimenting is fun. (lol)”
Robert Spirit Eagle

“Put simply, I held The Stone on the string like a divining rod/pendulum, and held it over my head and it vibrated and gravitated towards the pineal gland like my forehead was magnetized.”
“FYI, I know this sounds crazy:
But things have gone especially my way when I am wearing my Stone. I walk into department stores and they suddenly play my favorite music. Things just happen to fall of the truck and work out in my favor. I can’t think of the other things now because they are all so small that I can never remember them later but I always say to myself “tell Chaz, I can feel it working!”
It’s also gotten rid of migraines, and I’ve actually felt it pull itself towards my ajna chakra!”Fascinating.” DJ in Miami

“I will soon be getting the Stone users to try the Aetherium or Platinum Elixir as part of their health regimen. The Stones are great as an intro to health improvement, and health improvement is a gateway to being a more spiritual being… great road to be on.

It is quite interesting the things that I am finding out about the Stones and Aetherium. Spoke with my mother a few days ago… before she got the Stone, her legs hurt her quite a bit and her feet hurt from diabetes. After weeks of use, her legs and feet have not hurt since about a week after using the stone. She also has been putting it under her pillow. When we last spoke she said that she feels just great, even though she is getting over a slight cough. It’s great to see her feeling so much better… but she says she is still waiting for God to take her 🙂

I let a vet down at the center use my Stone… he has rheumatoid arthritis along with osteoarthritis. Told him to use the Stone by placing it flat face down for about 15 to 30 minutes in the meaty areas around the knee, hands, elbows or where ever it hurt and to put the Stone on his forehead at night or place it under the pillow case in the middle with the flat side up. That was Tuesday before last. He was and had been using a cane and limped something bad. Had difficulty sitting down or standing up. This past Tuesday he came to the VA center without the cane and walked relatively normal. I told him to use the Stone until some other vet may need it and we can talk about that, it will be the groups Stone for now… until I get another one 🙂 I gotta tell ya, there is not a much better feeling than getting a hug from others in their happiness. To see the tears of joy well up in this Vets eyes and the others you help… wow… what a rush… goose bump stuff. And you Chaz must be given some of the credit for your wonderful creations… it is most inspiring. I hope you in some way get the joy rush vicariously somehow… you deserve. If it could be put in a bottle…” Doug in LA

“Hi Chaz…
I got your Stone last week and keep forgetting to say thank you. I’ve tried using it in several ways- the first thing I noticed is a DRASTIC increase in my prosperity. I went from having no work for several days on end to manifesting 350.00 the day it arrived… which is a good thing as I was freaking out about bills! LOL I noticed it also seems to enhance one’s dreams (crystal clear!)” Virginia, Cottonwood AZ

New and Improved Stone of Heaven

3/21/21 “The new Stone of Heaven is literally and metaphorically quite a Gem that I find harmonizing on all levels of my being. Holding or wearing the stone opens the channel to Golden Waves of frequency and feels like my energy body is bathing in an elixir of divinity; lifting, elevating and naturally purifying.

Much gratitude to you Chaz. The tools you create are essential for the Light Worker, and frankly anyone living on the planet today 🙏” Chandra Ji Sun Eagle

Mitigates the Effects of Wifi, EMF and 5G

As a cancer survivor and an intuitive, I find I am extremely sensitive to changes in electromagnetic fields and frequencies. I’ve noticed that, for my body, the Stone of Heaven pendant mitigates the effects of Wifi, EMF and 5G. It also seems to protect me from the debilitating energy of family members or clients with health challenges. I work as a medical intuitive and healer with people who are often quite ill. In fact, it gives me so much energy and clarity that I have to take it off when I sleep so that I can rest. During the day, I find that if I forget to wear my pendant – especially in hospitals, nursing homes or medical facilities, I get horrible headaches. Or, for instance, I am not wearing it during an electrical storm, I wake at night with headaches in my temporal bone.

I recommend the Stone of Heaven to ALL of my clients but especially those with sensitivities to EMF.      Ameena