User Reports - Shaman Dr. Ray

Shown below are the reports from practicing professional Shaman. First report is on the alchemical ingredient in the oral nutraceutical products, ZENergy™ and Transformational Elixir™.

(Transformational Elixir™ had to be pulled from the line due to people driving after taking it and just getting completely spaced out in traffic, esp. 5 lanes.)

You have permission to say that this information came through shamanic investigation from a man who has four hundred hours of shamanic training and thousands of hours of experiential experience through working with hundreds of clients; also, a man who holds two bachelor degrees and two doctorate degrees.

I am pleased that you realized the significance of my establishing direct communication with the spirit of white gold. This spirit, in my opinion, would be the highest source of information available to us on this plane–specifically concerning the impact of this substance on the human condition.

I can add another insight about the spirit of white gold–it wouldn’t manifest itself in human form for me (this is rare since most spirit beings will assume human form, to facilitate communication, if I ask them to do so). I have communicated with many different spirit beings over the years and have to consider the potential that this spirit being is extremely important and powerful.

Also, in my many investigations into holistic therapies and healing I have never found an agent that directly impacted the soul body nor the systemic aspects of the physical human body. All other holistic-type treatments are localized in effect and generally impacting only one system or the cellular and organ/gland levels of the body (for example– nutrition, herbs, massage, oils, medications, colonics, etc.)

Clearly, the white gold will impact all systems (through active healing of the soul body) over time but it is active on the most important systems– those needing immediate help–first.


Could the Soul Body be considered as that which stores impressions, karma, etc.? This is certainly a difficult question and I can say that given your research with others it certainly sounds like the soul body is housing the emotional-thought aspects of past events and conditioning coming down family lines. While I place the impact of spiritual error in the chakras and other energy body resonance-field components, it seems that the soul body my hold, as you say, the impressions (thoughts and emotions associated with both negative and positive life dynamics. So, to sum up my current impressions: the energy bodies comprising the aura are housing resonance-field structures representing the data associated with spiritually significant past events (where spiritual error and spiritual merit events were created); the soul body is perhaps a dynamic element housing the thought-memory and emotional dynamics associated with past significant events (of both positive and negative experiences). Now what is interesting is that both the resonance-field structures of the energy body and the soul body are bound to have influence over current psyche responses (establishing emotional-type behaviors), and all three (soul body, energy body, and current psyche responses) directly impact the physical status of the body, and all four (the three plus the physical
body) tend to impact the current status of consciousness.

I recall telling you on the phone that it sounded that you were on a valid spiritual path and this is a very rare thing to find these days. I’m glad to know a fellow traveler.

I can already relate to you that my sleeping is improved and my recent awareness in the dreamtime has been more powerful than most past experiences. I was able to use a dream experience this morning for information about a spiritual healing I needed to perform on myself and I immediately performed the necessary healing before even getting out of bed. Gaining information from the dreamtime is an important part of the human process.

Keep in touch—I will certainly send more information about my white gold experience as the process unfolds.


The report shown below is on our cosmeceutical products:

The topical cosmetics seem to not impact the soul body, as did the oral agent. However, the topical has a significant impact upon the energy-body system (Auric field). It has a rather profound ability to raise the local resonance-field integrity in the area of the body to which the topical is applied. My first application site was the center of the chest on the Sternum area and this application produced an enhancement of the thymus Starburst auric element, which triggered a major enhancement of the primary Heart flame-power center. This in turn raised the integrity of the auric field all around my chest (front, sides, and back). After a week the field improvements have held with no sign of decay.

Hope this helps–