User Reports - Platinum Elixir™


I am writing this from a clinical standpoint but will use plain English so that there should be no question (if you have some that would be fine) about the following information.

Clinical trials have been held and are currently ongoing at University of Oklahoma School of Acupuncture. These are formal trials using the strictest guidelines. Products being tested are: ZENergy™, Platinum Elixir™, and Thoth Polish™ from Aetheria LLC. ( )

The following report is outside the formal trial group. The results are significant enough to be reported on however.

Patient 0: Male. Age 45, wt. 178 lbs. Ht. 6’1”

Suffering from chronic pain (24/7/365). Pain persisted regardless of body position. No relief standing, sitting, reclining, or sleeping.

Pain caused by gunshot wound 23 years ago 7.62 mm bullet lodged against the spine. The patient also suffered from osteoarthritis, low energy (from lack of sleep), unable to walk much distance because of pain.
Patient 0 was given 20 ml of Platinum Elixir™ and began to visualize/meditate on how he wanted the Platinum Elixir™ to function.
Within 10 minutes patient 0 stated the he felt like he was wrapped in a warm cocoon of healing warmth. He stated that he has never experienced a peaceful well being state like this in his entire life. He then stated that this is “true body, spirit healing”.
Patient 0 has been given the following dosages: 20 ml daily, 20 mil every other day Platinum Elixir™, and 20 ml of ZENergy™ (for energy and DNA repair and rejuvenation).

Here are the initial results of the first month.
Week 1: First good nights sleep in years, (good sleep patterns beginning to develop). Pain diminished 25-30%, flexibility (surprisingly) beginning to return. Walking is better but still painful.
Week 2: Meditation increased in depth, peacefulness, quality and result. What he was meditating on began to manifest within. Pain decreased another 15 to 20% over the previous week.
Week 3: Patient spending more time in waking Alpha state. Pain diminished almost entirely. Joint pain from osteoarthritis is gone! First time in years was able to put aside the Ace bandages he had to wrap himself (knees, ankles).
Shaking of his hands caused by nerve damage from his wounds ceased. Sex became exciting again. Skin tone has gone from sallow to the beginnings of vibrant and glowing.
Week 4: Patient accidentally walked up stairs (23) without use of handrails. He had no pain, did not even realize what he had done until he was past the top. He became so elated that in a public place, jumped, yes jumped up and wept with happiness. This also was the first time in years that he had been able to climb stairs without assistance or pain.
As a side note, his graying temples are beginning to exhibit brown/blonde shades replacing the gray.
Eyesight improving, sexual response greater, meditation and concentration improved. Walking downstairs improving as muscles and tendons elongate and strengthen. Flexibility (not only touches toes, but can now touch floor with palms).
He has experienced a little weight loss (8 Lbs). Vitality is excellent and improving. Most remarkably, Patient 0 has run for the first time in 23 years, and states that he will run now “at any given opportunity”.
Blood work on Patient 0 has already been forwarded to Aetheria LLC.

Dr. Steve Johnston N.D./N.M.D

8/16/07 Hi, Here are some updates on our clinical trials.. Patient 0 (for 23 yrs, 7.62 mm bullet lodged next to spine): This patient had a severe arthritic condition, among others, see initial report below. In the last month of the trials, he was taken off of the Platinum Elixir™ provided by Priestess Alchemy. During the course of the month, he not only was stable, but also continued to improve. What this shows is that the Platinum Elixir not only corrected the problems that existed, but evidently is bringing his physiology to its “youthful” state again, thereby proving (on this patient) that continued daily dosage is not necessary. However, he will be given booster dosages for long term study.

Dr. Steve Johnston N.D./N.M.D.

For years now, i have tested the Exotic products of my dear friend Chaz……with extraordinary results. This all new Platinum Elixir™ tops them all. As to the usefulness and purposeful qualities, this elixir provides an effective surround which allows the outreaching brain function to protect it’s self, i.e. this substance empowers by virtue of electrical enhancement of the auric field.
I could see my own aura twice beyond the outreach of my arms. This occurred within a very short time – minutes. My brain function has likewise shown a distinctive broadening and clarity of function. This includes engineering and remote viewing- the later requiring the most protection.
Thanks for another great product

Zen Master E.K.

It’s difficult to explain since this product is very subtle. You just don’t take it like a shot of whiskey and expect to feel it right away.
Once it is ingested, little by little a sense of well being comes over. I smile a little more, feel friendler. When dealing with customers, I want to help them more. I feel more creative in solving problems with a sense of vibrance, positive influence and more physical energy.
And it seems that the love and positive feelings are coming out to the physical from WITHIN .

I am a friendly and helpful person by nature but this product enhances or gives you more of what you already have.

I sincerely hope this helps a person make up their mind.

PS: In buying their products for about 3 years, Chaz & Audra are reputable and responsible individuals. The products they provide on their website are top notch in quality and are reasonably priced.

Robert Milian, NYC

I would like to sincerely thank the people and creator of Platinum Elixir™, which has led to a remarkable and on going recovery.
Three weeks ago I received a severe concussion. Headaches were a daily occurrence and the E.R. doctor recommended two facial surgeries for fractures. I was presented with severe equilibrium problems until a friend recommend I try Platinum Elixir. I was skeptical of results but being extremely afraid of loosing privileges due to disability, I gave it a try.
To my surprise, the following day after the first dose – miraculously – immediately – my equilibrium began to return! The headaches lessened, related only to the jaw fractures. After taking only one dose per day, at the end of one week my equilibrium was back to 95% normal.
Unquestionably, I attribute the gain of my recovery to the Platinum Elixir! Two weeks later and I feel 110% better now than I did before the concussion.


Platinum Elixir

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