User Reports - Hu Magic™

9/19/09 The partner of one of our distributors in NC was prone to constant migraines. They are in the Reiki massage business ergo very conscious of energy. Her partner in the midst of a terrible migraine, our client put a selection of ORMUS products from various producers in front of her and told her to pick one. She picked Hu Magic™. Within the first five minutes the migraine began to subside.
Here is the report from the migraine victim:

“I have always suffered from terrible migraines that have made me very sick and I have experienced other health problems this past summer (09). I have been extremely fatigued, tired and have had very little energy to even the basic living needs. I began taking the Hu Magic™ and saw a big difference within the first couple of days. I began to feel good and energetic within a few days. Some of my health problems disappeared within the first week of taking the Hu Magic™. I then began taking the Platinum Elixir and have seen a significant decrease in the number of migraines as well as the intensity of my migraines. I have continued to take these on a daily basis and I feel good and have energy all day long. The Hu Magic™ is a great product as well as the Platinum Elixir™!

Nancy in NC

Chaz- I owe you some feedback…
My life is upside down right now with work gone nuts and various family issues. I am doing so many energetic things that I really can’t separate them all but…
If the hallmark of Hu Magic™ for a man is more lead in his pencil, then it works. I had a lot of fun with the ol’ gal Sunday afternoon. As you know, in times of great stress, we guys can either zone out and forget sex or we can get hyper with it.
As we age, the hyper response tends to abate and we just zone out. Well, that was happening to me before I took the Hu Magic™ and now I’m interested again, and it doesn’t take as much to get stiff either. It has simply allowed me to enjoy sex more often than I was.
I think I can pretty much attribute this result to Hu Magic because everything else I’m doing I have done before but not with this result.



Chaz ,Wanted to update you on my experience with Hu Magic. I am very pleased to say that this product has played an important role assisting in my recovery of Artery embolization procedure I had due to uterine adenomyosis 8 years ago.
I noticed of recent I was starting to gain a bit of weight and my sex drive was non existing. My abdomen was starting to feel rigid, almost as though a wall was starting to incase my uterous.
I started on a teaspoon daily after meals. The first day I got the runs, I attributed it to the stagnant energy fields opening up. The following night the intensity awakened me. I was alive again no doubts about it. So I decided to switch my dosage to mornings as opposed to evenings.
Weeks later of taking it ive noticed my abdomen is no longer hardened. My energy levels have also heightened.
Gifted a bottle to my brother whom is diabetic and have been having libido problems for years. After two weeks of taking the same dose, his reports are astonishing. I’d just say his wife is very pleased and have thanked me personally herself.
Gratitude Chaz
Blessings Madeline in Baltimore    PS. Just ordered 4 more bottles.

Migraine RELIEF

While I was just finishing the new batch of Hu Magic to ship to Madeline , I had a migraine start in with the blinding psychedelic lights. Luckily, there was a little left over after filling her bottles so I took 20 ml. In under 5 minutes the migraine lights stopped so that I was able to see the computer screen to ship the order. I haven’t had a migraine in so long I don’t remember but when they happen, Hu Magic has stopped the peak brain assault in 4-5 minutes every time.     Chaz

I have noticed that taking this Hu Magic™ product helps to open the energy channels of the lower body and helps in grounding. I really like the product and have not noted any side effects.


I was dining with a friend who, at the end of a long day, was drinking a margarita to unwind. She was very tired. Rather than ordering another, she ordered a pineapple juice and I suggested she put some Hu Magic™ I had with me into her drink to help recharge. She did so and about 10 minutes later she said, “My God, my head it totally clear!” She mentioned this again a few minutes later finding it interesting that her margarita buzz had cleared so quickly after taking the Hu Magic™.


A couple of days later my friend Linda found herself in a state of extreme exhaustion. Having adrenal issues, she could not think clearly, did not want food or water and her entire body was shaking from the inside. She was becoming frightened as her body grew weaker and weaker until she could hardly stand up. She mustered her last bit of strength to stand up and pour some water, adding Hu Magic™. Within 30 minutes her head had cleared, she was up and asking herself what she would like to make for dinner! She called me immediately to tell me to take my Hu because I was exhausted too and also have adrenal issues. I did and was completely recovered by morning, though my ‘electrical field’ was buzzing a good part of the night as the repair of my nervous system took place. This is amazing stuff!!! Cheers!

Regina, Sacramento

I need to say, that Hu Magic™ is one of the few Ormus products I have taken with a noticeable effect. I have an increase in energy and libido. Generally, I’m one of those guys that don’t notice much with ormus. I take it, because I notice when I don’t. I will continue to take Hu Magic™. Eventually, I’ll reach my level and not notice anything again, but I will probably continue after that. I like this stuff.


I did notice a slight increase in energy as I let it sit under my tongue. That was a 1/2 teaspoon taken a few minutes or so. After that I have put it into my daily green shake, so it takes about 30 – 40 minutes for it to work through my system, but I do feel a slight increase in energy. I believe if I took more or took it on an empty stomach it would provide a bigger boost. I will note that although I have no problem with getting the itch (use your imagination here) I will say that the experience itself seemed heightened, or more intense. Hu Magic™ did seem to make me more itchy though…


I have been taking the Hu Magic™ that you sent me for 1.5 weeks at 1/4 tsp twice a day. I was in a traumatic accident three years ago leaving me in a coma for three months. As a complete surprise to me, Hu Magic™ has returned my libido full force.

Dr. vdm age 72

Hi Chaz, you wanna a “glory” story……… is one, even I did not expect IT.
This is what I did with your Hu Magic™, you gave me at Ravenhard.
Took a tea-spoon at Ravenhard, as you witnessed.
Took a tea-spoon that evening………… physical or Meta experiences.
Took 2 tea-spoons twice the following day……experience: Nada.
Took 3 tea-spoons the following day, twice; experience:… Nada.
Got discouraged and left it alone.
Three months ago, my erectile capabilities went “kaput” or dormant……Nada.
Last night I discovered that the erectile capability is “full blast” again.”
It just took awhile for the Hu Magic™ to kick into gear. 

PS. Ravenhard is NOT a strip club. Client is 82 yr old male.