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My Testimony for CLEOPATRA’S MILK™ …..I am so excited even after 5 days……..of course girls can really relate to this. When you had the very first experience of getting made up and the transformation was amazing right before your eyes but it was the makeup. CLEOPATRA’S MILK™ for me is better than makeup it is really you in the raw, no makeup beddie bye and wake up looking refreshed as if vacationing. HOW ABOUT THAT! I believe one of the most important features on a woman is to be blessed with nice skin , this product has the true solution to skin enlightening………. I pride myself on doing my best for my skin I have now discovered CLEOPATRA’S MILK™ giving me the “dewy” look always my desire. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup just moisturizer and lip colouring and now some of that “potion lotion”please. If God didn’t bless us with natural flawless skin he is giving us a second chance . I am truly a CLEOPATRA’S GIRL. God Bless all that had a hand in the creations of this line of products.

Cynthia Butler-Hayden - May 12, 2010

Founder of the Multicultural Prism Awards

I use the Cleo’s milk on my face every morning, as I have for a couple of months. The circles under my eyes are no longer dark, and perhaps, yes, some of the wrinkles by my eyes are decreasing! Our western desert climate can be harsh and this is a wonderful relief. I also use the Cleo’s milk (combined with Aloe) as a body lotion.
BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have found that Cleo’s Milk is awesome for bruises and internal healing. I had a surgery on my hand a few years back and sometime, after extensive typing or other use, my hand aches and throbs. Using the Cleo’s Milk topically causes the pain to subside. Such a wonderful gift!!! As you may have previously read, I also used Cleo’s Milk on my foot, which was quite bruised after a heavy object landed on my bare foot. The healing process was very swift and my doctor was delighted! I didn’t even lose the toenail
Sometimes at night I am jolted from sleep with rather severe leg cramps. I stumble out of bed, apply the Cleo’s Milk directly onto my leg/foot and that’s it! The cramp subsides in less than a minute. I am so delighted with this product! I don’t know how/why it eliminates the cramping, but it does. Sweet relief!! And I have also discovered that if I rub a small amount on my legs/feet BEFORE bed, I don’t wake up at all with cramping.
Well, instead of writing only to Priestess about these findings, I wanted to let everyone know. I hope others may find this helpful.
With joy,


Dear Priestess,
This is the update 10/17/03
I would like to say, again, how the Cleo’s Milk has been such a wonderful product for healing in my life. Over and over again I have used it and continue to be delighted with the results. Yes, of course it’s great for a face lotion but really! In my opinion and experience, the topical application for tissue/joint and muscle healing far exceeds the value of a face lotion. I have used this product for months now (since June) on my right hand. I had surgery on this hand three years ago…. you know, steel pin insert, etc etc. Since that time, holding a pen has been SO painful, and using my right hand for any given period of time caused much aching and pain for days. Well, a few weeks ago I got out my tools and built a large planter box for my raised organic gardening bed. Yep! Here I was, cruisin’ thru lumber, swinging a hammer, using a drill… all without pain! Wow! And now I can write for hours BY HAND with a pen! I thought that I would never be able to do this again! I have given up my left handed writing endeavors with a great sigh of relief! 🙂
Needless to say, I have been sharing this product with others who have sprained elbows, muscle cramps, etc. I’m wondering also about the effects of Cleo’s milk on neuropathy. I think there is more potential here than perhaps meets the eye.


My very first application of CLEOPATRA’S MILK™, there was magic. I had a dark area on the right side of my face…….. It disappeared, gone. It appeared within the time period of one year………lived in California been in NYC for a year or so during this time it appeared. I CONTRIBUTED THE BLEMISH PERHAPS TO THE HARSH WEATHER IN NYC. I am happy , happy, happy did not have to visit a Dermatologist, CLEOPATRA’S MILK™ within one application and less than 10mins blemish disappeared.

Cynthia Butler-Hayden

Date Sat, 31 May 2003 164622 -0700
Subject Beauty of the Priestess
Last night I saw an old friend after a period of 2 years at a social gathering. He glowed with a remarkable radiance, and had a rather unearthly luminosity to his skin and face. This impressed me as if he had grown younger; impressive for a man of a certain age, and complimented him.
After a swim this afternoon I decided to use a new cosmetic mask I had just gotten from Priestess Alchemy, and applied a generous coat, enjoying the feel and consistency as I applied it. It seemed to draw my skin tight as masques are meant to do, and I kept it on for twenty minutes or so. Washing it off, I dried my face, and applied Cleopatra’s Milk, a facial lotion from the same maker – Priestess.
Busy, I did not think more about it until I stepped into a room with a large mirror. Looking up, I was shocked. My face seemed so much younger – I was jolted by the sight !
I called Priestess, wishing to compliment them, and asked out of curiosity if the gentleman had tried their products. they said – Indeed – he had just tried the masque and lotion last night ! I am amazed and delighted. The lotion helps with bad skin abrasions, insect bites, severe bruising, and also a condition of what looked like early skin cancer has disappeared….. and now this! Beauty of the Priestess… a youthful radiance…. the skin products are truly marvellous…… Sirena

I just got my Cleopatra’s Milk™. I put some on, then went to get the mail. By the time I got to the mail box; I thought, WOW, this stuff is great. When I got back to the house, I had to put more on. I was so impressed, that I just ordered some Cleo’s Cream.

Thank you.


TO: Priestess Alchemy
Fr: Laurie
I was introduced to the Priestess Alchemy product line about threes weeks ago and have had great results.I tried Zenergy™, and was quite amazed.While hiking at 6500, I found that I could walk non-stop for hours and experience lots of energy with no shortness of breath. This is unique because I rarely travel to those heights and live at sea level.
I am also enjoying the skin care products and use Cleopatra’s Milk™ daily. It feels like my face is more relaxed, and I find the stress lines around my eyes have diminished.I tried the Cleopatra’s Mask™ once,and it smoothed away years.I wish I would have taken a before and after picture.I highly recommend the products for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors and has life stress written on their face.
I would like to order more of everything!

July 20, 2003

Laurie Vallejo, California

The images shown below were taken by Dr. Phil, M.D. of a case of neurodermatitis that would not respond to any allopathic medication for over 2 years. The results shown were accomplished with topical use of Cleopatra’s Milk™ over a period of 3 weeks.

End of week 1
End of week 2
End of week 3

I heard that Cleopatra’s Milk™ was used to alleviate pain. I have one rib wrapped up under my right scapula causing lots of discomfort. I asked someone to apply the milk there, and the pain went away. It is a light, moisturizing cream and the nano-gold is beneficial for so many things. Edgar Caycee wrote about applying gold to the skin, even for arthritis. I also noticed that a residue of tinea versicalor went away after applying the milk to that area. Thank YOU! Carolyn, Sedona

Just wanted to give you an update on the burn injury suffered by a friend of mine a little over a month ago. You were kind enough to expedite shipping of a bottle of Cleopatra’s Milk™ which I gave to him the day he left for Africa to work on the John Legend tour. I saw him today and am happy to report the injury healed remarkably well. Except for a slightly darker coloration (almost unnoticeable) the injury has healed with no scarring. The skin is smooth and beautifully restored. Wow! I couldn’t have hoped for better results. Thank you for the quick shipment. A day later and I would not have been able to place the lotion in his hands.

I wish I could have taken pictures of the injured forearm because the Before and After pictures would have been like Night and Day. There is no scarring. Truly a blessing. Thank you so much.