User Reports - Cleopatra's Mask™

I have tried so many purifying/cleansing masks in my lifetime and nothing even comes close to Cleopatra’s Mask™. It gently exfoliates the skin, cleansing the pores, lifting out impurities, tonifying the skin (the pores all shrunk), balancing skin tone (WOW, no other product does that), and the essential oils in this blend (besides smelling wonderful) are the perfect blend to heal and balance my skin. I shared it with my mom, and she kept praising it up, down and sideways because it is the best she has ever tried. A friend bought it and used it, and also sang it’s praise. It is remarkable! You are a genious alchemist!

Carolyn, Sedona

Last night I saw an old friend after a period of 2 years at a social gathering. He glowed with a remarkable radiance, and had a rather unearthly luminosity to his skin and face. This impressed me as if he had grown younger; impressive for a man of a certain age, and complimented him.
I called Priestess, wishing to compliment them, and asked out of curiosity if a gentleman had tried their products. they said – Indeed – he had just tried the masque and lotion last night ! I am amazed and delighted. The lotion helps with bad skin abrasions, insect bites, severe bruising, and also a condition of what looked like early skin cancer has disappeared….. and now this! Beauty of the Priestess… a youthful radiance…. the skin products are truly marvellous……


Cleo’s Mask was an added bonus I did not expect. Many years of southern sun produced spots on my face that would bleed if I rubbed with a face cloth. I had a spot removed two years ago with surgery which was non malignant Basil cell cancer, so I was concerned. The spots were on and to side of the nose and forehead, turning very red in the sunlight. Now they are gone!!! I used the Mask every two days and followed with the Cleo’s Milk. My wife also had good results with facial wrinkles with the Mask.

I started using Cleopatra’s Mask™ weekly several months ago and the results are great, my skin is smoother, plus the pores tighened up. It draws out impurities, tightening in about 10 to 15 minutes. I rinsed it off with warm water then splashed on cold water to close the pores. I follow up with Cleopatra’s Milk, after drying, make up may be applied, I use Cleopatra’s Cream™ at night for deep moisturizing while I sleep.


After a swim this afternoon I decided to use a new cosmetic mask I had just gotten from Priestess Alchemy, and applied a generous coat, enjoying the feel and consistency as I applied it. It seemed to draw my skin tight as masques are meant to do, and I kept it on for twenty minutes or so. Washing it off, I dried my face, and applied Cleopatra’s Milk™, a facial lotion from the same maker – Priestess. Busy, I did not think more about it until I stepped into a room with a large mirror. Looking up, I was shocked. My face seemed so much younger – I was jolted by the sight !


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