ZENergy™ is based on the ORME from the original formula revealed on Orme Road. see our links on /metallic and /orme road


ZENergy™ is derived from source material proven to contain high levels of ORME. We have added Xylitol for a touch of sweetness. Concentrate supplies 96 doses of Quintessential Gold Nano-nutrition. Also significantly present are ORME state Iridium, Rhodium, Platinum, and Palladium in descending order.
ZENergy™ may cause an extension of normal sensory range including but not limited to hearing, sight, spatial orientation, taste and sense of touch in the form of tingling sensations. If symptoms persist decrease dosage or skip a day. ZENergy may also cause an increase in physical energy and wakefulness. Avoid over exertion or extended periods of activity. ZENergy will blow the doors off any Salt ORMUS product you may have tried or thought of trying. This is NOT an ORMUS type product. Rather it is based on the original ORME road recipe, see /Introview/ORME

I was at a friends place on Sunday and he showed me a flask of your product ZENergy™. I was intrigued….he then said try some……I  took maybe one third of a teaspoon…….Well! I have done quite a  bit of meditation throughout my life and I am quite familiar with the  ‘Alpha’ state. I found the Elixir launched me straight into Alpha. I  felt like I was deeper into my own own spirit and was viewing myself  from beyond my body yet from further within my body at the same time.
It was wild. I must have some”. Matt in Sedona

I’ve been taking it for a month and have been very happy with the results. First, I’ve had a noticeable – and much needed – increase in energy. I have a new type of physical energy I haven’t experienced for years … it’s not the kind where you go out to run a marathon, it’s more of an inner energy/stamina strength. I find that I am not procrastinating with physical tasks now. I’ve also appreciated its effect on my practice of Reiki. As you know, Reiki is a hands-on technique that promotes healing and chakra clearing by drawing on the universal energy field. My sense is that since taking ZENergy™, my connection to the Energy Source is stronger. That is, the current of energy flowing in through my crown chakra and out of my hands is stronger and more palpable. You’ll definitely be getting additional business from me. Congratulations on your fine product and best wishes for your continued success.”

“Ah, and I am continuing to enjoy the Zenergy! I have noticed that I procrastinate much less these days. This wasn’t a major problem before, but something has definately shifted.  My body hums (resonates, tingles) most of the time. It is an outward manifestation of experiencing an annointing, or the sweet presence of God’s love. I can sense this sensation is also from Zenergy.      Has anyone else ever told you that? Quite interesting, I think.
Long ago I gave a name to this sensation, I call it the “Arms of Love” , as it is such a deep, colorful sense of well being, one of dwelling in the arms of compassionate and unconditional love.  So all is well, and healing, I trust, it is an unfolding and continual process.”

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  1. Craig

    “I immediately I felt energy flow into my Third Eye then my Heart. As if a shield was created so that my Aura could expand”

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