Platinum Elixir

Platinum Elixir


4oz/120ml Vital Silica ORME with 50ppm .9999 Platinum


We are announcing the release of Platinum Elixir™,  a combination of 50 ppm nanosuspension .9999 Platinum with Quintessential Gold™ Full spectrum ORME PGEs Elixir. It generates a powerful energy field in the body electric, deflecting negative energies. A frequency acceleration tool creating a shielding effect. Designed to support  the Psychic Protection of helping professionals, psychic/intuitives and sensitive humans in general.

This is NOT an ORMUS type product. Rather it is based on the original ORME road recipe, see /Introview/ORME

* Personally recommended by Dr. Da Vid, M.D., & Dr. Raja Merk Dove, N.D., D.D.
– “The Monatomic Gold herein is a Divine Elixir  for skin and soul!”

“As my Third Eye opened,  my peripheral vision extended further than ever before, like a soft halo of Light. As this consciousness moved into my Astral Body, I felt taller.” Audra  intuitive/empath”

“I immediately I felt  energy flow into my Third Eye then my Heart. As if a shield was created so that my Aura could expand” Craig intuitive

“warm, soft, cuddly like velvet, lovey, safe and secure. I felt like dancing. Like the pressure was lifted off of me and I could be my Self again. Wow! How do I get some more of this?” Lydia (at a party field test in Sedona)

“St. Germain just told me that the Platinum / WhiteGold combination definitely creates a psychic protective shield effect” Anna

Glenda Green, author of ‘Love Without End’ (a compilation of conversations with Jesus),, asked the same question of Jesus for me. His reply is “Platinum and Palladium generate very high energy fields not easily invadeable by negative thought or intentions which generate high resistance.”

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