Magna Hydrogen

Magna Hydrogen


Magnesium generated Hydrogen with Vitamin C and N-Acetyl Cisteine. 50g powder


Magna Hydrogen is our latest development to create a supplement combo to address several critical health needs occurring across the Planet at this time in history. It is common knowledge that most people are deficient in Magnesium so that was our starting point. To address overall body energy through enhanced mitochondria function, the product generates negatively charged Hydrogen. In order to accomplish the Hydrogen generation, we added Vitamin C and NAC; both of which are antioxidants in their own right. There is a good presentation on it all here:

We can’t really spell it all out or we get in trouble with the Big Pharma controllers aka F……D…A… But everyone should be aware by now of the the residual effects of the Jab, esp. the mRNA effects and that fact that it sheds and spreads.


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Weight 4 oz

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