Hu Magic

Hu Magic


4oz/120ml Water soluble Humates containing Humic/Fulvic Acids with broad spectrum nano minerals


Complexed with Carbon, the ‘monatomic ORME minerals are readily bio-available. Extracted from water soluble Food Grade Humates, the broad spectrum of minerals are in the form of Humic and Fulvic Acid.
Two subjects have reported the alleviation of Migraine Headache sypmtoms in under 5 minutes after taking Hu Magic! I use it myself and just don’t get migraines any more.
All of our test subjects in the initial trials reported a significant subjective increase in neurological sensitivity and brain activity; as noticed by rapid onset of increased sharpness of visual field and increased dimensional perception.

“I buy the products I review, and I don’t have special treatment or whatever for giving the review. Its a just a great product and I’m happy to say so…
I’m just into my third day at 25 drops morning and evening after food and I do see a difference. This stuff is a great physical energy releaser. With it, its just much easier to ‘Just Do It.’ . The physical inertia (laziness) that impedes our thoughts momentum gets degreased quite well with it and suddenly you just do right away things that are difficult and that made you pause before. Makes one feel more buoyant, less drowned in the daily aggravations of life. I am less lazy, and generally am perceived as having more energy by my wife with this stuff. This is pretty cool product.” Antoine Dubuc

“I really get an altered state effect in a few seconds with Hu Magic” Medicine Wolf, Sedona

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