Flexible Oval Energy Patch

Flexible Oval Energy Patch


The Quantum Coherence Field Energy Patch 7 x 4.5″ With Fibronacci Resonance


THE FLEXIBLE STONE PATCH The Stone Quantum Field Energy Patch 7 x 4.5″ With Fibronacci Resonance.

 This is the Stone of Heaven Quantum Coherence energy field coupled with Elite Shungite energy. These field energies may facilitate accelerated healing and have been shown to relieve pain quickly.

Contains: Stone of Heaven™ ORME glass powder, Elite Shungite powder, Paramagnetic Ores and balance is Silicone rubber similar to that found in Silicone scar healing strips. This extension of Stone of Heaven™ technology came about as the result of a need to hold The Stone energy in place on a knee rotation trauma I incurred. Sticking a relatively flat Stone in place with Ace™ bandage and having it stay there with any movement, proved problematical. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Long Stone Patch will wrap ankles, knees, wrists or cover more spine area.

11.25” 28.6cm x 3.25” 8.3cm. $99.95

https://youtu.be/fuY8hLyHulo the Cymatic waveform generated by the Fibonacci.WAV used to pattern the Stone Energy Patch  “this new product has worked miraculously over the past few hours on my knee injury. I could barely stand up to make a coffee first thing this morning and after applying The EnergyPatch™ I was able to climb a step ladder, walk about 6 laps around my flat roof sweeping rain puddles, climb back down and do at least 10 laps around the house. This is with just the patch and no Ace bandage. Past 2 days I had the knee wrapped tightly in Ace and could barley hobble from the couch to the fridge and back a few times. I didn’t notice any pain at all during the exercise. Still a few twinges sitting down now but walking is not painful at all.” Chaz in Sedona Test Subject Report: “I have a chronic injury that manifests on the top right Trapezius muscle group (shoulder/neck) area whenever I exert myself. I have utilized chiropractors, myopractors,acupuncterists and various creams, ointments, bath salts, and aspirin because I don’t use perscritions drugs. These remedies help reduce the inflamation but the nerve endings still flare up. I was presented with a product to use for experimental purposes and glady I took the offer. It was in the form of a pad that was thin, flexiable, smooth, soft to the touch and actually actually stuck to the area I placed it upon. After awhile the area began to heat up and gradually the painfulness subsided. WOW! I wore it around for several days and the pain lifted more as time went on. I decided to place it beneath my injured area at bedtime and much to my surprise the next morning I felt no pain. Of course with any chronic infammatory aliment, it creeps up every now and then, so now I just place The Stone Patch™ on the spot again. I wear it when I am gardening and believe me it makes all the difference.”  Chronic in Sedona “Just want to give you some good news about your new product. I cut this patch in half long ways and wrapped around my wrists and secured with wristbands. Oh man! Am experiencing returned mobility in my arms. Had been having probs with some movements, but doing this is really helping to stop the excruciating pain that I sometimes experience. At times, the longer I would stay on computer (usually working on genome data and spreadsheets in relation to genealogy research) my right arm would sometimes become useless to me, sometimes to the point of paralysis. I know that this pain and other symptoms are caused by the vile disharmonious frequencies that are emitted by the computer, especially the mouse (right hand and arm grossly affected), the monitor, and so forth.” “As a retired electronics tech, yes I have test equipment and I have identified the source of these frequencies and uncomfort I mention. We are all under electronic assault all the time these days. Electrosmog is everywhere. Period. When we review Ancient Egyptian Art, sometimes we see images of people with bands around wrists and ankles. Sound familiar?! I’ve got one of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s optical bioscalar energy systems (eesystem.com) and believe me when I say that anything I leave in that room will pick up her aloha cellular regeneration energy, but this Stone Patch of yours maintains its integrity! The eesystem energy and your Stone of Heaven, that I got last month, harmonized really Great! The machines are singing and resonating so very fine together with this Stone in there. Then when I got this Patch the energy just went out the roof! Amazing! Actually, when I opened the package that the Patch shipped in, wow! What a burst of energy! Whew. I have been energy sensitive for about 10 years now, that I can say for sure. Have experimented with orgonite for 8 years, but no orgonite has ever influenced biosystems like this energy of yours! Seriously. I have cleared the skies of the crud with orgonite many times over, but have never felt this type of fast pain relief like with the Patch. It’s absolutely amazing that I can reach into my back pocket with the Patch on and not feel the pain. I can’t figure out what all is going on here, but without the Patch on, I get grinding noises from my shoulder and it feels like the tendons get all mangled /twisted up if I reach too far in any direction. Put on the Patch, and all that goes away. Just a slight twinge ocassionally, but that’s nothing compared to the way it’s been for the past year. Sometimes my arm would get so bad from working spreadsheets on the computer that I couldn’t even move it. One time it was so bad I couldn’t even change my clothes and had to sleep in daytime clothes, jeans, etc. I have not been to any doctor about this because I avoid doctors period. They are last resort IMO. I know it’s caused by vile frequencies from computer and mobile phone because after using those things, that’s when this problem strikes. All the best, Thanks so much!” Julia in LA I suffer from kidney infections and normally involves a lot of pain and trip to doctor for antibiotics. This time around I still went to doc and got antibiotics but, the pain was eased greatly by the use of your pads on front and back – at waist line. Thank you for a great product and remember, it is not only for muscle pain relief.    Yvonne – Mexico “Wore it next to my lower back overnight and sharp pain gone in the morning. Pain has come back sometimes but not as harshly. It helped so much that I was able to drive 4 hours and though stiff and sore where the patch wasn’t, (right hip, upper back), no pain in lower back. To sum up, I need a body suit of the stuff… Diane in NJ “June 23,2015 reporting on my 60 year old friend, Marty, with 10 brain lesions (basal ganglia, caudate), seizure disorder and amnesia. Got together with Marty, put the Stone Energy Patch in his cap. He put it on. Said it immediately changed the sound in his ears from a fuzzy ‘shhh’ to a clear ‘s’… and he felt a light type of energy movement from the top of his head. So it is installed in his cap and we’ll report. June 24, 2015 Just spoke to Marty on the phone and asked him what he thought. With the Patch he feels he is calmer and he sleeps better. Sept 7, 2015 Reports clarity in his thinking when wearing the Energy Patch from one of the more recent issues. I can confirm that he has been much brighter mentally, consistently; in fact I’m pretty blown away by it. He started using the Patch and at first said it helped him sleep. His sleep has been disrupted since 2002 with seizure prevention drugs, Dilantin and the like. Oct 28, 2015 He lost it and for a couple weeks can’t find it. I gave him mine. He feels the difference immediately and his speech gets clear. He was so different without it. With it, he is closest to his old pre-lesion self. It’s amazing.”   Diane Lyn


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