Transformation with ORME Quintessential Elements These Quintessential Elements are the naturally occurring ORME elements that the Ultimate Alchemist, Mother Nature, has created. The Priestess’ Alchemist has extracted and developed a chelated form of the Monatomic Precious Elements aka ORME. This means that your body will absorb what it needs from our products. The rest is up to you. The unique products formulated from Priestess ORME Platinum Group Elements (PGEs) may help cellular regeneration starting at the skin and working in to muscles and connective tissue. We believe that this is due to an acceleration of the aetheric currents that flow through the acupuncture meridians. Since these subtle energies and the manifested physical forms they are carried in are not able to be measured by known scientific instruments. We call the restorative process Transformational Alchemy via NanoNutrition. =============================================================== Priestess Alchemy products are manufactured using Certified Food Grade source material, processed with FCC grade reagents, under laboratory conditions. We blend only Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Grape Seed Oil or Organic Jojoba Oil in our topical products. ZENergy™ and Platinum Elixir™ are organically complexed non-metallic (‘monatomic’) naturally occurring mineral compounds.
Vital Silica™ Due to the nature of “high-spin” Quintessential Elements™ and their ability to camouflage themselves from standard analytical procedures, Quintessential Gold assays via X-ray florescence and FTIR as Calcium. Interestingly enough, there is NO Calcium in the product. The Priestess’ active ingredient could be considered as a nano-mineral micro-nutrient suspension of ORME Quintessential Elements™ in Silica, ergo Vital Silica™. These products are for research purposes only. These products shown below are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.