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All New Pain & Inflammation Formula with ORME and Jojoba Oil
Based on the unexpected positive results with Cleopatra’s Milk.

ships 4 oz/ 120 ml bottle


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 11 cm
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Keep Refrigerated for best results.

7 reviews for Alleviation

  1. Pierre in Las Vegas

    “Alleviation™ pain cream works on my sciatic vertebrae when you have a numb leg and poor circulation and you also work on poor circulation.Varicose veins swelling is 50% less. Ankle swelling has come down and leg looks normal.Definitely works well on the neck when you have a pinched nerve. I couldn’t tilt my head at all, shortly after using the pain cream I could tilt 45 degrees to side”

  2. Ed in Sedona

    “I had extreme sciatic pain which was aggravated by high stress and resultant numbness in the leg. Within about 5 minutes of applying Alleviation™ the pain was just gone. I applied it again that night and next day no pain at all.”

  3. Sherry Winkle

    “I am writing this letter of testimony in regards to Alleviation™ lotion product. I have had major back pain, I have tried all the over the counter pain relievers. All seem to do no more than make me exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. I began a couple of days of applying the Alleviation™ lotion, in less than 5 min I could feel the relief within my back muscles that were so tight I could not move. It has been 4 days since the initial application and my back pain has subsided completely. I can now move and continue with my daily routine. Alleviation is definitely a performer and I will continue to use the product for relief with any other aches and pains & stress.”

  4. Elaine in Maryland

    “I have varicose veins that swell up which causes pain and burning in my leg. Alleviation™ worked quickly; first the burning subsided then after the second application I noticed the swelling go down substantially. My method of applying is to slowly spread the cream in straight gentle strokes along the veins until the skin absorbs it. I also like the coolness of the cream on the area being treated. I recommend this product to everyone who has any type of pain. Great product Priestess!”

  5. Julia in Tucson

    “I had ‘Charlie horse’ cramps on the top of each foot extending from the middle toe area upwards to the outer edge of the foot stopping at the ankle bone . My toes were spread apart and walking and stretching did not help. I had a jar of Alleviation™ in the fridge so I hobbled to the kitchen to get it. I applied it to the spots mentioned above and within several minutes the muscles began to relax and the pain subsided. Amazing cream! I will definitely will try it on other types of pain discomfort when something happens. Thanks Priestess.”

  6. Meghan, Cottonwood, AZ

    “Thank you for the sample of Alleviation™ lotion. WOW… I have a bone fragment in my left foot and am on my feet 12-16 hours a day with rigorous work flow and boy my feet are the only complaints I ever have. Shoes, insteps and other techniques never really instantly improved the dull achy sensations and swelling I would endure each day. This lotion applied to my feet immediately after work each day provides soothing immediate relief, calming the sensation of pain and improving my general mood, no longer do I get home and elevate my feet for relief. I simply apply vigorously and jump with enthusiasm to keep on going.” Thank You ever so much

  7. Ray

    “The topical cosmetics seem to not impact the soul body, as did the oral agent. However, the topical has a significant impact upon the energy-body system (Auric field). It has a rather profound ability to raise the local resonance-field integrity in the area of the body to which the topical is applied. My first application site was the center of the chest on the Sternum area and this application produced an enhancement of the thymus Starburst auric element, which triggered a major enhancement of the primary Heart flame-power center. This in turn raised the integrity of the auric field all around my chest (front, sides, and back). After a week the field improvements have held with no sign of decay.”

    Hope this helps–

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