This is the story of David R. Hudson’s original exposure to ‘high-spin’ precious Platinum Group Elements aka ORME

As with everything else on my journey in this arena, the right information or people simply appear at the time as needed. Synchronicity or just great Guides!

This story was told to me by Chris Tychowski, who was one of the original 3 chemist/researchers employed by David R. Hudson (DRH). Chris T. had taken over the lease on my commercial scale lab building in Cottonwood and I spent a lot of time helping him out with his personal research project. Chris T. had been researching the alchemical Philosopher’s Stone for over 35 years and told me that he introduced DRH to the idea that this whitestuff might be that ‘Stone’. Chris believed that he had found the correct recipe for it at the Vatican Library and asked me to make it for him but it takes 3 years to complete. Obviously, Chris T. did not believe that the David R. Hudson ORME was the alchemical Philosopher’s Stone.

DRH and his father were looking to purchase a Gold mine, in the Bradshaw Mtns of Arizona, located off Orme Road. Orme Road was named after the Orme School founder, Charles H. Orme. Was the acronym ORME for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element a synchronistic miracule or was that handle a matter of creative license ????

It was the son of the mine owner that first showed DRH this off-white crystalline material that had the behaviors of precious elements, was loading up the recovery system plating tanks and would not go into a metallic state regardless of voltage. (BTW, I have since been able to replicate this behavior with the ore ‘down the hill’ from ORME Road and some other ‘Desert Sand’ ores. This can be really frustrating if you want the Metallics and not the ORMEs.)

The method that the mine owner son showed DRH to remove this white stuff was to run high temperature Hydroxide fusions to put everything in the ore including the Silica into solution, precipitate out, rinse out the Hydroxides, then remove the Silica with Hydrofluoric Acid. This process would leave the non-metallic whitestuff behind. (DRH never mentioned any of this and claimed the discovery was accidental from pouring Sulfuric Acid on his dirt in Laverne.) Why give up the original method to the public when he was in process of developing a synthetic ORME? 

It was this whitestuff from Orme Rd that Chris T. took to Daimler Benz R&D VP, that he knew personally. Benz acknowledged the material as a potential energy source and placed an initial order for 100 kg of it. At that time DRH was not able to meet that level of production so the Benz deal was off the table. 

According to Daniel Moeck, regarding the exotic metaphysical stories of “U”, he was taking 2500 mg/day of this Orme Road ore non-metallic whitestuff PGMs (primarily Rhodium and Palladium) that are naturally occurring. I’m going to acquiesce to convention and just refer to it as ORME, since everyone else seems to. I refuse use that ORMUS term as it is so muddled up i.e., not critically defined and just a generic term for anything that isn’t assayable by conventional methods. Since so many people out there are believing that the ORMUS salt precipitation method product is identical to ORME, let me address that.


Now on to the Mohave Desert Sands and The Essene

It has been at least 12 years now since I had a 2 hour long phone conversation with the miner/metallurgist that calls himself The Essene; claiming past life memories of working for King Soloman recovering Gold from dry lake beds using Sulfur. The Essene had co-filed a Patent for recovering Platinum Group Elements from the desert sands in the Mohave Desert lake beds using Ammonium Thiosulfate. Was his past life regression about recovery from Dead Sea Salt? NOPE!

 In our conversation about recovering the non-metallic PGMs, he clearly said about the Silica fusion method (originally used by DRH) “fusions are the way to go but I just can’t do that anymore.”

 So it was this Essene character that got the Salt extract idea started; claiming that he started doing it at age 7 from past life memories of working for King Soloman. Wait a minute! What happened to the dry lake beds? No Salt there either. The Essene was the ‘inventor’ of the Salt ORMUS process he calls C-11. But it wasn’t the Essene’s fault that the Salt ORMUS ‘Movement’ got started; it was Barry Carter RIP that coined that term. Excerpts from the Essene interview Transcripts below. I have read the Essene Transcripts about 5X so far. Here are some very critical clarifications of what Salt ORMUS (C-11) is and is not.

“Barry: C-11 is 11 m-state or just 11 minerals including calcium and magnesium and they’re not in the m-state?

The Essene: They’re not in the m-state.  See, salt water has got all of the m-state in it ……”
The Essene: This paste form will be completely taken back down and the magnesium will be taken out of it. Then it will be cleaned up and redone.
I take the magnesium out of C-11 before I give it to people. I took all the salt out of the C-11 because salt kills plants.”

Further along in those transcripts, Essene points out where the find the best material to extract m-state: Dry alkali lake beds; commonly found in the deserts west of the Rockies. And this type of deposit would be closely similar to the desert sands that King Soloman could have worked.

Now Salt ORMUS precipitates are at least 80% Calcium/Magnesium. What do we know about taking excess Magnesium? It is a laxative. Sure colon cleansing is a health benefit and most people are deficient in Magnesium. But is this type of ORMUS product synonomous with the DRH ORME???? IMHO, not even remotely close! Oh, and take a look at /metallics page where I take apart Celtic Sea Salt ORMUS. Click here for that comparison link


Now back to Orme Road and travel North along the Bradshaw Range

“The Bradshaw Mountains older rocks are part of the main North American crystal plate, and have been brought to the surface by geologic uplift.”

This is the story of how we at Priestess Alchemy made our discovery of naturally occurring ORME elements in the Bradshaws. My wife had a dream while taking an afternoon ‘cat nap’, woke up and said “I know where the Gold is” and then described a twin forked Oak tree in a Pine forest. Well we were prone to packing a picnic and taking the Land Cruiser for excursions on the rough forest trails in the Bradshaws. (Land Cruisers can go anywhere.) This particular forest trail starts about a mile from the end of Orme Road. We were riding along and all of a sudden she exclaims, “there’s the dream tree!”

Directly under that tree was an outcropping of a very unique geological formation unlike anything else in the Bradshaws. Prior to coming to Arizona, I had been a mineral location consultant in California and had worked many mining claims from the Mother Lode to the Trinity River. So I broke out some exploration gear while Audra unpacked the picnic. Sure enough the indications were that there is Gold in that rock. So I collected samples to take back to the lab and begin the analytical work. BTW, I filed mining claims on the deposit and called it the Priestess Mine. Now this is where it really starts to get interesting.

St. Germain intervenes with a message

I had been diligently performing the required lab work to get that rock to yield metallic Gold but just no luck at all. The fire assay slag would always turn out this purple color and no metallics.

One of my neighbors is a pro psychic (this is Sedona after all) and after I expressed my frustration to her, she started telling me stories about St. Germain: that he liked to drink wine. So that night, I set up a little ‘alter’ offering for St. Germain and left a glass of wine out. Next morning there was fine Gold floating on the wine. I interpreted his message as ‘the Gold is in the wine and the wine is in the glass’, i.e. that purple slag was carrying the Gold. The next night, perhaps with St. Germain’s help, I was finally able to get a Gold bead from the assay. I put the Gold bead on the analytical balance which reads to four decimal places 0.000 to weigh it. Well the weight displayed kept going down. This instrument is so accurate that even a slight temperature drop will change it. So I Tared the balance, put the bead back on and tried again; still weight dropping. Repeated the Tare and again it kept dropping, this time I just got frustrated and said to myself:’it can’t be that far off. So this time I just left the bead on there, that weight kept dropping and after about 10 minutes the weight read 0.0000 and the bead was gone!

Wait a minute. Where did I read about Gold going into another dimension? Was it some of that D.R. Hudson rhetoric? Or was it from the Sir Laurence Gardner books? Come on that can’t be real. Now the story gets really out there; on to the Plieades.

The Plieadean Download

Now I’m really confused. I can get the Gold out but then it vanishes? WTF? So I appeal to another ‘psychic channeler’ friend of mine who is connected to a Plieadean entity called Thula (a drawing of her face is identical to my duaghter, BTW). Thula comes in and tells me that “yes there is Gold and other Platinum Group Elements in the ore at a level of 10%. But, it is to be used for “healing purposes”. What????? healing purposes? I want to get the Gold and PGMs out of it and sell it.

Back to the lab

I’m just not buying that ‘healing purposes’ thing. So I try a different extraction approach: Fusions. I had run hydroxide fusions many times on a R&D job for a Canadian mining company so I knew I can get it out that way and it would come down metallic; usually pink, purple, brown, black. On this Priestess ore, when the fusion came out of solution it was WHITE. Now what??????

OK, what if Thula is correct and that ‘healing purposes’ is real? Now Audra had this dime size blemish on her back that was lumpy and ugly. So we tried putting some of this white paste stuff on it a few times a day. Next day it would be a little smaller with fresh pink skin around it. Next day same thing; at the end of a week it was gone and just fresh pink skin. Bingo, Skin Care!!! OMG, now what do we call it? Well since it came from the Priestess Mine and we had the St. Germain alchemical input. How about calling it Priestess Alchemy?

Now let’s step into the Time Machine and take a look at Alchemy’s inception in recorded history regarding Gold “Solva & Coagula

“Solve et coagula is a maxim or motto of Alchemy which means “dissolve and coagulate”.  The only known method to dissolve Gold was Aqua Regia: from Wikipedia: “Aqua regia was first prepared by a Persian-Arab[9][10][11] alchemist Jabir Ibn Al-Hayyan in the 8th century AD by dissolving ammonium chloride into nitric acid. It later appeared in a work of Pseudo-Geber dated to the early 14th century.[12] The third of Basil Valentine’s keys shows a Griffen, symbol of Tartaria, (look up Tartaria on YouTube etc. will blow your mind) in the foreground and a fox eating a rooster in the background. The rooster symbolizes gold (from its association with sunrise and the sun’s association with gold), and the fox represents aqua regia. The repetitive dissolving, heating, and redissolving (the rooster eating the fox eating the rooster) leads to the buildup of chlorine gas in the flask. The gold then crystallizes in the form of gold(III) chloride, whose red crystals were known as dragon’s blood.[citation needed] The reaction was not reported in modern chemical literature until 1890.[12]

Shown on the left image is Pink Hydrogen Gold Chloride HAuCl4. Sure there is only one atom of Gold in the compound but does that really equate to Hudson’s ORME? Nope. Both the Chlorine and Hydrogen need to be removed first to fully qualify as ORME as per the Patent definition.

So what about those folks claiming ” 24k Monatomic Gold” powder? But it sure looks PINK in the eBay image on my screen.

Dragons Blood? or Red Lion? or just plain Gold Chloride? ‘gold(III) chloride’ means 1 atom of Gold bonded with 3 atoms of Chlorine; usually Au2Cl6. Does that equate in any manner to ‘monatomic’ or even diatomic? Anyone take that online Chem 101 course yet?

What about those folks claiming that Solva & Coagula means that you repeat pH Swings from high pH (low number) to low pH (high number) until you get a white precipitate at around pH 10? Well what are they doing in regular folks terms? By repeatedly adding Hydroxides and then Chlorine salts, each time that happens and the salt mixtures precipitate you just ‘thinned out’ whatever gold you might have actually had in there and now you just can’t see it anymore (unless under high power magnification). Did the Gold go into a ‘monatomic’ or diatomic state by this alleged Solva & Coagula? Is it now a Gold Hydroxide? Better yet, where did I put that microscope?


Click to Read the Sedona Four Corners Magazine Interview on my Discovery of the Psychic Protection effects from Platinum Group Elements

This discovery came years before my discovery of ORME ‘accidentally’ on the lab bench. This is significant due to the fact that all my products contain all the PGMs regardless of scale.