The following images are courtesy of Penny (Zoomer) & Bob Winter. All rights reserved.

The microscope slide images are of ELX 5.0 and the organo/non-metallic complex with raw organic Agave nectar (Transformational Elixir). We have long suspected that this complex demonstrates similarities to living energy systems. The images may support this hypothesis by revealing self organizing structures with apparent cohesive energy manifestation.
Later we will show comparisons to “alternate energy structures” in cells with mitochondria damaged by virus. This will lead to a second hypothesis possibly explaining the mechanism involved in feelings of increased energy in the body.

Before you begin this pictorial journey with us please understand that we have made every reasonable effort to avoid any microbial, or other biological contamination with these products. They are kept refrigerated and isolated from all other products and any source of biological contact. Transfer from the container to the slide is quick and done without use of a transfer article. The slide cover slip is placed within seconds after the sample is dropped onto the slide out of the container. Then, within minutes the slide is viewed to provide little time for contamination or biological growth. The sample material begins to dehydrate immediately. After initial changes due to probable contact with the atmosphere and light , little additional change is noticed in subsequent viewing two to four days later. In short, what ever crystal growth or other formations that occur are formed very quickly and than stop. These photos, then, are a sort of snap shot into the processes that take place.

Except for a label in a corner or elsewhere where it would not mar the image, or mild color enhancement to bring out the natural coloring, or as mentioned on a particular image, none of these photos were graphically altered.

We’ll start the presentation with an amazing structure formation with substructures outlined in black. The slide descriptions will appear below the images.

While reviewing some of the images we took of the product, Transformational Elixir, Penny and I noticed a few striking patterns on the Tif image we call Brain 2 because of its unusual shape resembling a brain. We have circled some of the areas that closely resemble flower blossoms. The patterns generally resemble a Daisy or Lotus. We marked three of these with circles to highlight the pattern. If you study the image you can easily detect a few more.

The image was taken at 2000 X. Toward the bottom we found another pattern that closely resembles a very regular hexagon. This is also marked.

Running through the entire image are lines made up of elliptical shaped particles of various colors connected either end to end or, in some places, side to side. They generally separate the entire image into sections. This connection sequence tends to support the concept of these being either super conducting or at least somewhat magnetic. They line up just as metal shavings would on a piece of paper. Only, in this case, no external magnetic field is present. They have formed these patterns spontaneously as the T.E. dried on the slide. Some of the sections are significantly different color than those adjoining. This would tend to imply differing energy levels since different colors are representative of different frequencies and specific heat energy. This is reflective color, they do not glow.

The image also contains two very prominent connected triangular patterns. They are toward the top and slightly off center to the left. The top one is mostly yellow to orange color while the one below sharing the base with the upper is more blue to green. Our experience is that triangular structures tend to spontaneously oscillate and generate an energy field. Triangular patterns can also be detected in other places in the image.

The fact that no other particles are near this collection of uniquely patterned material tends to support the concept that it is generating a collective energy field that has repelled all other material in the immediate area. In addition, the patterns formed within the structure seem to be in relative harmony as no unusually large open areas or inclusions of isolated groups are present. This is the first cluster of material we have observed with this amount of apparent cohesive energy manifestation.

As the ELX dried a round bubble evolved into this sort of elongated water drop shape, and the sort of “Peace” sign grew into its center. The background light shows the carrier material to reflect as nearly pure gold. It is important to keep in mind that the shapes and larger particles you are viewing are suspended in a matrix of still smaller particles a full quantum leap smaller. Here they collectively reflect as Gold.