User Reports -MFKZT Tea

Extract from native algae growing in water soluble ORME elements mainly Rhodium, Gold and Palladium with Iridium as minor tenor. MFKZT is the ancient Egyptians name for the material fed to the Pharaoh for Longevity and Dominion. The pronunciation is the Mantra to activate it: Moof Kooz Tea.






Algae grow tank top center. From Google Earth
The Temple of Hathor at the summit of Serabit el Khadim (better known as Mt. Horeb) for 1500 years was where the High Priests and Priestesses made a substance for the exclusive use of the Pharoahs. Shown in the stella is the Goddess Hathor (center) administering to the Pharoah.The Treasurer is holding the cone of Gold. MFKZT (moof KOOZ tea), is the Ancient Egyptian word for it; also the ‘mantra’ to guide the experience and activate it.
Note the object the Pharoah is receiving from Hathor; look even slightly familiar? A few of our intrepid experimenters have tried this method on the raw algae and have confirmed our suspicions: inhalation is the quickest most effective method to get the organic Rhodium and Gold ORME into the brain.

‘Guinea Pig’ experimenters reports:

“In my trying to explain my EXPERIENCE with the MFKZT Tea, the whole Breathing and Hearing thing reminded me of exactly mild L$D (and/or $hrums). But since I was recording and documenting the event, I didn’t want to use that verbiage…. that’s why I had such trouble describing the affect. At close to the 20 minute mark as i was sitting in front of my monitor, I noticed that I was cognizant of my breathing for some reason. Not different (as the breathing was the normal), just cognizant of it (I know hard for to describe). Not heavy, but as if my awareness of such was ‘amplified’,,,, Again I’m not coming close to putting down in words what I was experiencing. I should point out that these were not over-powering nor would I categorize them as being subtle (it’s hard to describe). I was never in fear or felt threaten in any way, So although my experience is hard to describe, I had my research bells ringing to the point that I ordered 5 more bottles to play with. Of course I should say that what I experienced was personal and due to each individuals mental/bodily make-up, your own experience may be completely different.
Uffo in L.A.

Algae XRF

Below are the XRF (XRay Florescence) analysis reports on the algae shown at top of page:
Rhodium 2.73%
Ruthenium 2.38%
Gold 2.08%
Silver 2.09%
Palladium 1.53%
Platinum 0.98%

“I made this song today to describe Chaz’s MFKZT Tea my first “recommended dose” experience. I am still feeling the difference. I feel much more clear headed. I thought I’d see what kind of song would come down the inspiration tunnel when this song arrived to my effort to express it.  Click Here to Play
Very nice!!! Would buy again any day. Will keep taking the 4 oz till they are gone supplimentally, but I think I am going to wait before this dose wears off a bit more before taking my 2nd one. *phew!*” Enoch

“I wanted to share again a little miracle your MFKTZ tea brought me yesterday. I woke up with a stiff neck and was feeling sore all over and super sluggish. I could feel my neck starting to go into the pinched nerve feeling, which a common happening after such a night of sleep. This time I decided to work past it, after a little meditation and stretching, it felt a little better, but I was heavy still and starting to feel the knot tighten and the sharp pain from the swollen nerve. So I took a tsp or so of your MFKTZ tea, chanting ohm and ohm nama shiva, and within 30 seconds my body stiffness lifted, and my neck pain dissipated. Within a minute or so I could twist my next back a forth without any sharp or dull neck pain. Quite incredible really. I’ve never taken anything, besides recreational drugs, where my body aligned instantly and bodily pain dissappeared.Thanks again for sharing your discoveries with us and I would like to order 2 more” Ryan

“Thank you for the two bottles of MFKZT tea you sent my way recently (in Vermont).It’s been very interesting using it. I feel any tension release almost immediately. After trying it the first time I felt like it would indeed be better to just walk around the garden than use the chainsaw, so that’s what I did. It has a very special taste to it.Also finding that the hu sound increases when I drink the tea. I had been wondering if that was actually some form of tinnitus from an external source, but it is definitely brought on by the MFKZT Tea. Thanks”, Ben

“MFKZT Tea has some interesting effects. I’ve noted an amplified HU sound. The first day I tried some, I felt very contemplative. After about a week’s use, my intuition is prompting more decisive action. I’ll usually hear my solar plexus and other areas release tension after taking some. Some plants I had rooting in water produced nice roots after adding in a drop.” Regards,Ben

“yeah your package just got here so I opened it and tried 2.5 ml of the new MFKZT stuff v4.0 and dang it was like a firecracker went off in my brain in a non destructive sort of way….Whammo! Nice! This is the best one yet. I agree. You can quote me. A quickening in the brain. Sudden spike like you had described with coke where it spikes your alertness and your heartrate for a bit before calming back down into a nice pleasing experience. Kind of like a tiny lightning bolt struck the middle of your forehead and then you have a really quick agile mind.
No I don’t get any mystical stuff going on, this is pure brain fuel/nootropic. Other than the enhanced color perception of brightness and contrast, I can’t say this is even psychoactive. It makes me immediately desire to clean sometimes after taking it. It causes me to have BRILLIANT ideas one after another. I really love its brain-food/nootropic capacity.” Vulcan in HI

“Calmness-Peacefullness, a contentment free of the concerns of life as being intrusive. Granted, the concerns of life will always will be the factors of our human lives. When one can contemplate “Life”- as it is-with a quiet Zen mind-the doings of life are more logically-effectively and efficiently accomplished. With the use of MFKZT Tea, I have found my my mind’s factors to be flowing as clear water.” Master EK

“When I remember to take the Tea I seem to be motivated to do projects that I don’t particularly like to do but need doing, so that’s a good thing. I’ll go take some right now. Lots of yucky things yet to be done.”

“Shortly after taking 1/2 teaspoon, even though I’m very worried about finances I felt a sense of excitement while working on a project, a burst of energy, and a will to get things done. I was productive for the next 5-6 hours.”

“YEP! I was very happy because I’m CONSTANTLY worried about finances. So TO HAVE a little PEACE WAS such A RELIEF! The feeling I experienced was an oasis of peace in the midst of a sea of worry and fear. The stress of worry is crippling making it very hard to even want to keep going forward to get things done so I really needed this. THANK YOU ! ! !”  Deb

MFKZT (moof KOOZ tea), is the Ancient Egyptian word for it also the ‘mantra’ to guide the experience and activate it.
Note the object the Pharoah is receiving from Hathor; look even slightly familiar? A few of our intrepid experimenters have tried this method on the raw algae and have confirmed our suspicions: inhalation is the quickest most effective method to get the organic Rhodium and Gold ‘monos’ into the brain.