User Reports -Colloidal Shungite

Why does Shungite Work?

Our most recent product to continually improve your Quality of Life is a colloidal suspension of Shungite. A very special form of Carbon in the shape of a Buckyball Fullerene. The scientists who have investigated Shungite declare unanimously, it is a miracle!
Carbon of itself will scavenge toxins especially metallic ions. The Sacred Geometry of the Buckyballs adds both an additional clathrating feature while imparting PHI energy fields into your system.
According to Grigory Andrievsky, PhD: ”The curing effect may be caused not by the Carbon atom itself but the cover which emerges as a result of interaction of Shungite and Water. And a water structure in the cover is the same as in a living cell”

Shungite exhibits unique shielding effect for harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones and others. Shungite is a mineral, which has no analogues of range and diversity of its healing properties. Generally Shungite heals, saves, cleans, improves, protects, neutralizes and regenerates. An amazing rock: it eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings, but it concentrates and restores all that is helpful for a human being. Shungite may shield electromagnetic radiation of high and ultrahigh frequency and nuclear reaction radiation.

Usage Suggestions:

Take 30 ml, at least, before sleep which may absorb toxins overnight.
Apply topically to exposed skin areas before going outside on heavy chemtrail days.
Add to bathwater after being exposed to outside air.
Use HEPA or Fine filters on your HVAC system. Use a small pump type sprayer from the hardware store to apply to filter. Recycled glass cleaner sprayers won’t last for more than 30 seconds.

This is unsolicited report:
YES! I am thrilled with the Colloidal Shungite and am telling and sharing it with many people. You have a WINNER here Chaz.

And if you’re someone who doesn’t like to read LONG raves to get all the details, the short of it is, GET THIS PRODUCT. Most people have periods of down (depression or laziness or ruts) and if you’re ready for an effortless leg up on change, misting your bed with this will do that for you.

Last month I was facing two travel plans that would put me into hotel rooms. This means I would be subjected to minimal sleep because energy in beds are so disruptive to me that I simply am unable to get fully refreshed. After receiving Chaz’s Colloida Shungite product, in preparation I took a double size flat sheet, folded in half length wise and carefully misted it from top to bottom. This took 2 full ounces of product. I allowed it to dry and then placed it on top of my ordinary bed sheet and slept with it. It was superb!

One would think that one’s own energy is ok, but if you’ve ever had bouts of depression or gotten into a rut, that energy is in your bed and pillow. I had old energy in my bed that needed to be replaced and sleeping on this shungite adorned sheet did that. I only slept on it once at home because I didn’t know how many uses to expect it to have and I wanted to try it down the road too. But that one night was all I needed. My bed space is rejuvenated! I’ll be treating the rest of the family’s bed spaces soon too.

I wrapped the sheet in a plastic bag and stored it for 2 weeks before my first hotel experience. And guess what!? It worked like a charm! I felt the energy as direct contact and it penetrated about 4″ into my body. It felt like pleasant vibration. But the vibration on my back went away when I rolled to my side, and then my side began vibrating. Direct contact is how this product works.

Two week-ends ago Bill and I had the grandkids at a hotel and after visiting Alcatraz Island our grandson Jake came into our room because of bad dreams. I misted his bed and pillows and he slept without incident. Jake is 7 and has a history of bad dreams. I’ve tried night time stories and dream catchers and I think we finally have something that works. I gave Jake his own mister bottle that he now keeps beside his bed. He is thrilled to have something that works and when he went to visit his other grandparents he asked to take his mister bottle. Now everyone knows about Jake’s Shungite from his eccentric grandma.

This week-end in LA was the next hotel experience but I forgot my over sheet and only had the mister bottle with me, so I misted the whole bed. I brought my own pillow but I kept one hotel pillows underneath for height with mine on top. Apparently this wasn’t good enough. When I laid down I instantly felt like I was going on amusement park rides. I was staying at a hotel near Universal Studios. So I realized that I needed to treat that one pillow underneath as well and once I did that I slept for 2 nights there like it was my very own bed.

Thank you Chaz. I hope lots of people read this and buy this product because I think that clearing energy in beds helps us to better access our higher self during our sleep. We work out many problems and get minor to majestic inspiration when we’re asleep, but dead to negative energy can keep this from happening.

My best, Sharon