Shown on this page are a selection of images documenting many anomalies related to MFKZT aka mono?atomic elements aka WhiteGold aka ORMUS
Scan of wet filtered Elixir precipitate

note gold tones on edges

note purple light dispersion outside glass edge

the dried Elixir (ELX) is snow white

metallic gold deposition on light bulb at incandescent level driven off by rotating magnetic fileds
the metal deposited within the glass of the bulb.
Cracks in bottom of acrylic pitcher used for storage of cold filtrate
Shown left is the beaker of the dissolved fusion saturated solution containing the PGEs
Same beaker, pic taken closeup with flash.The diffraction angle is revealing the nano PGEs


I was performing a Spagyric process on the ORME algae and upon opening the furnace door discovered these hollow ‘eggs’ hanging from the ceiling and falling on the Spagyric chamber lid. The white material on the furnace ceiling had gassed off from the Priestess ore fusion. How and why it formed the eggs is a completer mystery.