Thoughts to ponder

For change to take place on a global level, we have to agree and accept the ‘reality’ of individual existence rather than argue our own as the ‘one’. We could engender a new Model of the World for instance, based on the frequency of peace and harmony and within it, create a new paradigm of division within unity. In this way we could share in individual reality – resonate within it and bring forth even higher levels of potential/frequencyto weave our reality upon.

“The “high-spin” energy residing in MFKZT is passive in the sense that it has no inherent direction to the flow outcome. It can be used for whatever purpose it is directed to. Throughout history, MFKZT was reserved for the ruling and ecclesiastical classes, since it was assumed that the above mentioned were either “spiritually” evolved or given power through “divine” right, it was also considered to be the vehicle for “enlightenment”. So, does MFKZT bring “enlightenment”? If not, why were the ancient users of this powerful substance revered?”

‘Spiritual evolvement’ does not seem to negate the human condition of assuming that a personal Model of the World is the correct one and further assuming that everyone else understands it! Individual Models of the World as NLP explains, are very different. We all tacitly agree on a universal model and assume that we each experience it in the same way – nothing could be further from the truth.

Each, it seems, believes that they have found the ‘truth’ with the use of MFKZT/’White-Gold’/ORME or whatever and will argue this’ truth’ to the death! This perpetuates division and fragmentation and occasionally brings forward the most incredible behaviour (in my reality anyway!). The zero point field is full of infinite potential and this is the whole POINT that seems to have eluded most people. We can act upon it in the way we choose as individuals or as groups. We can weave out of it what we will – the Lover or the Whore, the Saint or sinner, the good or the bad, the war monger or the peacekeeper, ad infinitum. And that which we weave will be our frequency of reality made manifest physically. There is ultimately no good, bad or indifferent, merely potential. At this period in time, “what you see is what you get” is the rule of the day. Blind faith is no longer the controlling factor. So, should MFKZT/ORME be reserved for the few and powerful? Will the “high-spin” energy be abused? Hence the question, Lover or Whore?

This article from Sedona Journal of Emergence, April 2013 appeared synchronistically in my living room. Don Ruiz succintly expresses what I had been trying to convey about Dogma and Belief. Click here for the PDF.

Here are some thoughts on adjusting the paradigm to better suit a more fortuitous outcome for humanity on this planet. It was downloaded to George Green from the Pleiadians and the originals can be found at:
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