MFKZT (moof KOOZ tea)

Elixir of the Ages, what is it?

Pharaoh Amenhotep III on left receiving dispensing instrument from Goddess Hathor standing in center. High Priest, Alchemist, Treasurer, Sobekhotep “The Great One over the secrets of the House of Gold”. handing cone of MFKZT, (ORME), towards Hathor.

According to Sir Laurence Gardner, a well respected author and historian, in Genesis of the Grail Kings and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, the primary manufacturing of MFKZT for over 1500 years was The Temple of Hathor at the summit of Serabit el Khadim ( the Biblical Mt. Horeb) in the Sinai.

My personal theory is related to the Yin/Yang of Oriental Philosophy, in that everything in existence has a positive and negative side. A more appropriate analogy is “as above, so below” as represented by the adjacent symbols, the Sri Yantra, a 2D representation of a multidimensional Golden Mean based primary unit of existence. This is a more detailed version of the Star of David.

Back to the theory of  ORME, ORMUS (blurred definition on that term), white gold, white powder of the precious elements and ‘spin-state’: for every element there exists a form that is recognizable to our 3D trained external senses and another form that exists in the higher ‘spin-state’ that may only be recognizable by our inner senses. However, the effects of the higher ‘spin-state’ may be felt by our physical senses as the higher energy permeates our physical being. These effects may also transfer into our morphogenic field, resulting in enhanced physical well being, greater physical energy, endurance as well as enhanced levels of aetheric energy in our Field. As a transceiver of Universal Life Force “The Force”, this material may enhance the manifestation of or connection to whatever we may imagine.

Utilizing modern metallurgical chemistry, paralleling what was available to the ancient Egyptian Alchemists, Priestess Alchemy formulates this Elixir to exacting nutraceutical criteria. The Elixir, when still slightly wet, appears pure white straight on; when the light angle is slightly defracted, it appears translucent golden purple.

We have had many marvelous reports from users of our Elixir products. However, we do not want to offer any false hopes. We can only pray that you also can benefit from the transfer of ‘high-spin’ energy into your physical/metaphysical being.