How does Quintessential Gold™ Work and Why?

We are hypothesizing that the Zero Point Energy state of the ORME PGE Quintessential Elements™ are able to transfer into the energetic field of the body. This effect is accomplished either by resonance or a direct coupling with the cellular energy fields. Either way, the primary effect appears to be in the subtle energy currents (CHI) of the body that travel along the acupuncture meridians and flow through the chakra energy centers.
In Oriental Medicine, blockages in the flow of CHI are considered to be the cause of all disease. So an increased flow of CHI energy may result in increased health and longevity. Another possible hypothesis for the feeling of increased energy is that the nano-mineral suspension of Quintessential Elements™ acts as a catalyst for energy transport to the cells. It is also possible that a free energy generating system becomes entrained through the connection to Zero Point..

Does everything in Nature have consciousness?
Do some things carry a little more consciousness than others? How conscious are we?
Can we consider MFKZT ORME as a Gateway for energies that we can not fathom with our theories or instruments? Is there something in the crystalline structure of the compound that acts as a type of transceiver for these undefined energies? Does the interaction of the crystal and the signal create an entirely new energy domain wherein the physical and the non-physical are in an open connection? STARGATE?

Another question we need to ask is why call it Alchemy? Doesn’t this seem rather primitive for the new millennium? On the other hand, did the ancient alchemists employ a scientific paradigm that state-of -the-art physics is now just beginning to approach; wherein the distinction between physics and metaphysics is becoming increasingly blurred?