Original Design Healing Energy Jewelry

     Limited edition original designs from Primativa Sedona. The glass stone settings have been programmed with Sacred Sound Vibrations to specifically address Upper Respiratory Distress from Chem Trails and/or SARS. The castings are Lead Free Pweter plated with Palladium/Gold or Gold/ Palladium. This coating creates a high frequency energy field which prohibits limiting energies & frequencies from entering one’s sphere.

     “These pendants are engineered to alighn with the geometric patterns of the DNA. The frequencies Sounded into the stones illuminate the gridwork of the aetheric body and prevent undesireable energies from invading the physical body as well as re-Sounding the body to its Perfect Pitch.” Andrea Clare Elizabeth D.D.

     “I was hit by both ELF waves and ‘Chem Trail’ disease while in Ashland, Oregon. All higher functions, as well as mental and respiratory systems shutdown. The healing process was greatly facilitated by the Platinum coated pendant and the programming through Sound Vibration” E. Kanzler

Double down on the Pendant's Power Factor

Add a Quantum Field Health Frequencies Hologram to the back of the pendant. The JedEye hologram from bio-engineeringinc.com is Peso size and will fit by cementing in with epoxy.

Original Designs Limited Edition by Audra von Wilfong

These pendant designs are Uni-sex or multi-sex whichever you prefer. The best way to wear the JedEye hologram from bio-engineeringinc.com on your body.The JedEye can take some time for your system to adjust to the higher energies and some degree of “healing crisis” may occur. Some people can only wear it for an hour or two initially.