Gas Phase to WPG

This set of images is open for comment and peer review. This was a complete lab ‘accident’ that I had no idea would occur. I had an R&D project for a client that wanted The Stone glass cast into some Copper pipe fittings for use on the output side of an ‘energy’ device.
I set the fittings down in some of the alchemical ore just to hold them in place and filled the fitting with Stone frit. Simultaneous with this melting, I had a crucible full of The Stone ore in the kiln. The temp was set at 1500F and ran for an hour then I added more frit and decreased to 1450F for another hour, then it annealed at 1050F for 3 hrs, then the 220v 30a power turned off and allowed to cool down overnight to 200F in the morning.
It did not occur to me to take any pics of the fittings as I needed to ship them off to the client. Only after soaking the black flakes in 31.45% HCl hot with additions of H2O2 and seeing the results shown below, did I consider this ‘accident’ as a significant discovery. BTW, the flakes only responded slightly to a 3” stack of NIB magnets that will crush your fingers. This is classic PGE behavior.
I leave it to you to consider whether what has occurred here is that the ORME in the ore has gone to gas phase either due to the heat or the A/C voltage and deposited on the Copper fittings as a natural affinity. Heating in the acid/H2O2 might have removed any metallic Copper holding the ORME in a metallic state (the black flakes) and returned it to the ‘WPG’ state it started out as in the ore. Chaz the Alchemist
PS. of course I ate some of that white material in the filter paper. Altered state engaged in just over a minute.

Black flakes deposited on Copper pipe fittings. You can see some Copper on one of the flakes. White material in beaker is residue from hot 31.45% HCl with addition of H2O2 3%
Beaker on left contains filtrate that passes through 2.5 micron
Filter paper contains residue from hot 31.45% HCl with addition of H2O2 3%
These two macro pics are the dried whitestuff from the filter paper. There is some of the green tinge remaining after 2 rinses with 31.45% HCl. The white spots are reflecting clear crystals possibly Ir.