Blood Samples

Blood samples recorded in video.

These recordings are many hours in duration, compressed into a few minutes. The velocity of blood movement is real time.


Total 18 hrs of activity edited to 3 seconds 367k
Total 16 hrs of activity edited to 4 seconds. 498k

Penny 3 second video

Blood sample was taken about 5 minutes after a 5 ml dose of ZENergy.

Bob 4 second video

Again, blood sample taken about 5 minutes after 5 ml dose of ZENergy. Results are not quite as dramatic as Penny’s.



We checked my hubby’s blood in Bob3.6.04.mp4’s and found that his blood couldn’t seem to determine which way it wanted to run at first, but kept moving quickly for several hours. He checked the slide sample again at 16 hrs. and found it was still moving but very slowly, and he did not record it due to the fact that he felt it was moving at such a snails pace.

My turn to check my blood to see what it was doing in BldPen3.0.04.mp4 and found it was moving right along and couldn’t seem to determine which direction it really wanted to flow in. But when if finally determined which direction to move in, it took right off in one direction with such strength that it literally broke the clotting that had formed around the cover slip. Keep in mind when you watch the mp4 that the blood is moving sideways and not with the downward slant of the bed of the scope that the slide in laying on. After breaking through the clotted area it then ran up and across the top of the cover slip on the slide and over to the microscope lense which was positioned just slightly off center of the cover slip. Next it jumped up about 50 thousands of an inch or so, (about the width of 2 matchbook covers) up to the microscope lens splattering it with blood and then began to vortex and continued until nothing more could be seen. It had made a perfect seal with the scope lens and stayed their until we removed the glass slide so we could clean the lens of the scope.

Eighteen hours later my hubby looked at the slide with my blood on it again and found it was still moving, slowly but faster than what his was moving, in PenBld18hr3.7.04.mp4.

My hubby and I both still drink Winter trap water and use ZENergy™ from

We feel that this indicates that our blood is more active than a person who is not on these products. This is the results of one testing and more tests will be made in the future.