Priestess Quality as a function of Viscosity

(Viscosity is a measure of how ‘thick’ a fluid is.) Hopefully the image to the right here of ZENergy is illustrative of how thick it is. If you are familiar with car engine oil, this would be a 90 weight viscosity. The blue streak on the side of the cylinder is ZENergy that stuck to the glass and didn’t make it to the bottom.

I’m bringing this up as a comparison to the common ORMUS products from Salt solution or Sea Water precipitation, which would be a 1 weight viscosity.

  • If anyone has an ORMUS product that really didn’t do anything for them please send it here so I can do a visual comparison. I’ll pay the shipping and send you a bottle of ZENergy to cover the hassle. email me at



Pricing Comparison

Honestly, I had never researched the pricing of any ORMUS product in all my 21 years in this business. Today I was going to offer a discount on ZENergy because I’m just way overstocked. So I went online to look at a variety of ORMUS products pricing. Frankly, I was appalled. It started at $57 but didn’t state the bottle size. On that site the pricing went up as a function of how much WooWoo JuJu they put into it. On other sites the pricing kept climbing higher and I just couldn’t stand looking at this anymore.

So I opted out of the 20% discount and was contemplating a fair market value price at say $999.99 for a 4 oz bottle of ZENergy. I think that’s fair. Don’t you?


ORMUS vs ORME converion to Metallic or PolySulfide

The image above is of the Vital Silica ORME converted to metallic. I had done a study of the actual Gold and/or PGMs content in Celtic Sea Salt ORMUS vs my ZENergy etc. base material. The study appears under the Research/Metallics dropdown. Hopefully, the images are understandable; the bottom line is there is so little Gold or Precious Elements in ORMUS that it’s barely visible.

If anyone does send me a bottle of ORMUS, I’ll redo the study and cite the originator of the product as a reference.

Marketing Hype

What I noticed from my ORMUS searches today, is that every one that I looked at is basically blatantly plagiarizing off of Barry Carter’s (RIP) site

Well, how much of that has been verified and how much was just supposition?

So Much of Barry’s writing was a plagiarized takeoff from the original David R. Hudson material on ORME and certainly NOT on ORMUS at all. Why Hudson didn’t sue Barry for copyright violation is beyond me.

If you read further into my website, you might notice that I don’t refer to any of Hudson’s work or Barry’s.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking Jeez, this guy has an attitude. Obviously, not on the same ‘Metaphysical/Spiritual’ level as those ORMUS producers. Nope, I’m not going there. I actually have a degree in chemistry and have been in mining/metallurgy for 40 years. I don’t need any WooWoo JuJu. My only real claim in kinda that regard is that there is a ley line here in Sedona that runs right under the lab to the backyard. (I have a Chinese friend that comes here to meditate on the vortex in the back yard).

I just don’t want to introduce a Placebo effect in the minds of my customers. Yeah all that hype sounds really good. I’m reading it and going Wow maybe I should market that way? Nah, I know it’s bad marketing strategy but it’s just not in me to do that.

All of the User Reports under the dropdown are actual and amazed me when I read them the first time. Since this page started out about ZENergy here’s that link:

Thanks for reading this far. Hopefully, you will grok where I’m coming from. Chaz