“It doesn’t take long for transformation to occur. It doesn’t. All it takes is understanding. Once that understanding is there, there will be transformation. And of course we want that transformation to be for something good, for something better, for something beautiful.” Prem Rawat from http://www.wopg.org/
The  Temple of Hathor at the summit of Serabit el Khadim (better known as Mt. Horeb) for 1500 years was where the High Priests and Priestesses made a substance for the exclusive use of the Pharoahs.  Shown in the stella is the Goddess Hathor (center) administering the pipe (symbol of Health, Longevity and Dominion) to the Pharoah.The Treasurer is holding the cone of MFKZT Gold.
MFKZT (moof KOOZ tea), is the  Ancient Egyptian word for subtle energy ‘Monatomic’ Gold.  It is a substance classified in the boundary between physics and metaphysics. The anti-aging properties of the substance are legendary. It has been known for millenia by many names. ORME, ORMUS, Elixir, manna, shewbread, MFKZT.

You are always making a choice, even if that choice is not to choose, i.e. acquiescence by default.