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Transformational elixir 3.0 Subject: experimental feed-back.Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003
   Subjective experiences with "elx 5.0. 1 3/4 cap of  Transformational Elixir 5.0
In about 10 minutes I felt myself going into a familiar theta state, with an accentuation of the "aum" frequency. I was kind of in no-mans-land, could choose where I wanted to be.  If I choose a "beta" state energy it would flow into that direction, muscular type of energy, not coffee driven.  I chose to stay in no-mans-land, drifting with a kind of lucidity.  I felt non -muscular energy going through me, there was a clean alertness, could stay up all night.....
   In this state a lot of semi-alert processing went on, clarifications of issues, the two opposites kind of communicating. Processing without words, like stuff where just being stirred up to find a new or different insight...lost time...must have fallen a sleep...awoke content and restful.
   Took a teaspoon this morning, and the "aum" is strong, more than background. Need to do some physical stuff..won't go into my sadana until 1 1/2 hour from now, like to play with the mastery of switching from beta into delta just with consciousness, without pranayama.

   Feedback.....Took Elixir in the morning upon awakening on an empty stomach, soon I was drawn into an alpha/theta frequency, then came an octave shift in the "aum" sound. Although I was not drained of energy I preferred to do nothing than linger in this no-man's state.
I noticed my personal flexibility of being able to pull myself into what needs to be done three dimentionally, and drift back into this no-man's land processing state.  No loss , could pick up where I left, this episode did not wean until the evening. How much did I take: half a teaspoon?
  This morning 3 Dimensional energy was normal again , eager to get involved with what Gaia has in store for me. Upon awakening I had insights about what  and how the alchemy
of the matured alchemist ancient ones, was really all about. I am just scrambling the surface at the exo-theric occult play-ground.
Symbolically I like to say,  "so many beautifull women, and so little time...

   "Let the "True Goddess" stand up, and she better be a "Priestess",
all with-in, all with-out, as it is above, so it is below...
             With the "Dragon" slain...

   I consider myself ready for the eso-theric occult, "Inner Sanctum"...
             Let the "Show"....begin..so it can end in another beginning...
Until there is none...no beginning, no end...

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 14:33:35 -0500
Subject: Chaz's ELX Gold - yeehah!

   First of all, I want to state for the record that this is not some hokey publicity stunt - Chaz has absolutely no idea that I am writing this.
   Secondly, since I am an alchemist myself, I will not state my name as this post would be cutting my own throat to some degree, even though I do not offer any products like what Chaz at Priestess Alchemy is making. Chaz's latest efforts are just too darned good to go unrewarded.
I  know that I am highly resistant to M-state materials. I have been scarfing this stuff down like a pit bull locked in a meat market for the past 9 months...you name it, I've bought some, made some, or both. Still, with all of this, I have difficulty maintaining the nada or "Hu" sound if you prefer.  Yesterday made the sixth day running that I could barely hear the "Hu" singing at all.
Yesterday, I received a small bottle of ELX Phi from Chaz. I took about 1/16 teaspoon at 1:00 pm - the minute I opened the package.  The HU returned to about 1/3 intensity within that hour.  I took another 1/16th teaspoon later that afternoon and the Hu returned to full volume within that hour.
   Last night, I took another 1/8th teaspoon right before bed, and about 30 minutes later my fiance shook me awake, scared to death - because I was flopping around like a fish and moaning "Help me! Help me!" in my sleep! I was having the most incredibly lucid dream that some kind of small creature in a hooded robe (it seemed female in gender somehow) was attempting to steal my bottle of liquid gold from out of my closet, and we were engaged in a tug-of-war over the container - and she was winning! In the dream - I was calling out to my fiance to come help me to get it away from this creature...and apparently I was doing so in real-time as well!
I was not overly tired, having spent the day in a rather leisurely manner, and I had not been taking any other meds or materials other than my usual nightly melatonin tablet.  I normally never, ever begin to dream so soon after going to bed - I usually only recall dreams in the wee hours, after at least 3-4 hours of sleep, or just before waking. Whatever happened is entirely the result of Chaz's ELX.
   Chaz - my hat is off to you sir - you are a gentleman and a scholar, and your ELX rocks!  I want you to immediately send me a second bottle of this stuff before it is all gone - a larger portion if possible.

   Wanted to let you know that I had the most Wonderful experience after taking TE 3.0. I was relaxing, watching some videos when I felt a deep churning like sensation in the tummy area that rose uo into the lung or heart area of my chest and literally felt as if the warmth spread out and across the upper part of me.
   It was warm and very pleasant, then I got a feeling of a deep and powerful love that was very penetrating throughout my whole being...Their are no words to describe it. The feeling lasted for about three hours, during this time I felt some kind of understanding and again don't really know how to describe the following but it was like a message or understanding of some kind that I'd never be hurt again by words or actions from others. Shortly after the feeling began to fade, it was all subtle but wonderful.

Transformational Elixir 3.0 is smooth! It tastes great! I am a clairvoyant.  I watch as all the light fibers of my being are perfectly aligned after taking the product. Depth perception and colors are enhanced.  Everythings' living consciousness is revealed, vibrating, dancing, communicating. When I look at trees, even inanimate objects, after taking it, I can see its' lifeforce just humming along in the dance of Creation.  It feels that it steps up our frequency so our vision is accessed from a higher dimensional perspective, probably 5th - 7th D, and everything shifts.  Unfortunately, I have become addicted to the substance. It is not physically addicting, but I sure do not like to be without it!! It also makes me feel healthy. Some conditions simply fade away, like viral and flu like symptoms. It makes me feel so very alive, appreciating even more greatly, the life of all and in all of Creation.  I feel at One.  Thank You Priestess Alchemy!    Carolyn, Sedona 6-24-07