We can simply say that the information was given by a source (Egyptian entity) with credible access to such esoteric information. It's even more phenomenal than that actually. Here's how the instructions go:

The pronounciation is moof-kooz-tee, emphasis on the middle syllable (kooz). The protocal is as follows:

  • Stir it into the water: Hold the water and visualize the cells of the body being infused with light and coming into perfect balance.
  • See the DNA strands also being infused with light and restored to their perfect harmonic state.
  • Visualize the etheric (ka) body being filled with luminosity and expanding into perfect resonance with the quantum field of love and life.
  • Say moof-kooz-tee three times to seal the intent.
  • Once the connection between MFKZT and the sound of the word moof-kooz-tee have been used together, all one has to do when their energy runs low during the day is to focus again on the word three times with the same visualization to restore their energized and en-lightened state.
  • Powerful, uplifting and beautiful, eh?