Hu Magic vs. Chronic Depression 30 Minute Relief

I got this email from a Hu Magic client today:


Your Hu Magic bottle came yesterday to the correct address, but I didn't pick it up until late this afternoon. I came home, maybe 5:00 and took a half a tsp in water, and finished up some e-mails. I have a question, and I mean it quite seriously - what is in that stuff?  I have a fairly chronic severe depression, biologically based, I am quite sure.  About half an hour after I took the dose, I suddenly realized that my depression, which had been very strong all day, had lifted completely.  I am sure that it is not a placebo effect because I had to look up on your website what its effects were "supposed" to be - I knew it was described as a nutritional product and not white gold, but that is all I knew.  I know a lot about the standard biology of depression/anxiety, (and all possible medications) and I assume (after the fact) that there was an endorphin release of some kind  - but nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever had that dramatic an effect.  I took it on an empty stomach, so I expect it was absorbed pretty quickly.


  I am quite familiar with various energy system descriptions, chakras and chi and western medicine and alchemy, both symbolic and literal - so it doesn't much matter what kind of vocabulary you use - but I would like to know how you would understand the effect I experienced.”


     My response: “This is fantastic news!!! I have no idea how that happened other than you got a Seratonin/Endorphin bump out of it.

     I do put about 100ml of my white-gold in say a 2 Liter batch of HuMagic. So you are getting the interaction with the White-Gold entity as per Dr. Ray report on my site:


     I also employ a variety of Phi aka Sacred Geometry devices in the lab and all over the house and property, so the stuff I make gets that patterning from the general ambiance. That energy pattern will then migrate to you via resonance. Then there is my personal energy field to factor in.”