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Cleopatra’s Skin Care System

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Cleopatra’s Milk™ is a multi- purpose lotion. As a skin serum, it leaves a silky rose petal finish. Makeup flows easily over it. It can also be used as a penetrating balm for muscles, joints, and tendons, to help relieve muscle stress and pain. Excellent on cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

“Sometimes at night I am jolted from sleep with rather severe leg cramps.  I stumble out of bed, apply the Cleo's Milk directly onto my leg/foot and that's it! The cramp subsides in less than a minute.  I am so delighted with this product!  I don't know how/why it eliminates the cramping, but it does.  Sweet relief!!”

“We used Priestess Cleo’s Milk on a 3rd degree burn Jim got on his finger about 2 weeks ago and the results were outstanding! Healing was complete in a few days as opposed to a few weeks. Looks great, too.”

“I had a surgery on my hand a few years back and sometime, after extensive typing or other use, my hand aches and throbs. Using the  Cleo's Milk topically causes the pain to subside. Such a wonderful gift!!! “

 “I have found that Cleo's Milk is awesome for bruises and internal healing.”

$39.95 US + S&H

 “The circles under my eyes are no longer dark and some of the wrinkles by my eyes are decreasing!“        

 4 oz / 120 ml


Cleopatra’s Milk User Reports


 Cleopatra’s Cream™ is a deep moisturizing cream with anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing. Peaceful Essential Oils soothe you into a deep rest for a beautiful awakening.

Cleopatra’s Cream is a thicker, richer version of Cleopatra’s Milk. The Essential Oil is Christ Scent from Glenda Green We use this since the combination with our Quintessential Gold™ creates a bridge between this realm and the next. The idea is to make the sleep experience a trancendental one.

 “Cleo’s Cream is a wonderful moisturizer that I apply before bed and its non-greasy.”

 $39.95 US + S&H

4 oz / 120 ml



Cleopatra’s Mask is a nutrifying facial cleanser made from Cosmetic grade Bentonite, 10% by vol. Elixir and just enough Grape Seed Oil for flow. When the nutrients are fully absorbed the mask dries, leaving your skin baby soft. Finish your pampering with Cleo’s Milk to recharge your skin with Quintessential Element magic.

  “I started using Cleopatra’s Mask weekly several months ago and the results are great, my skin is smoother, plus the pores tighened up. It draws out impurities, tightening in about 10 to 15 minutes. I rinsed it off with warm water then splashed on cold water to close the pores. I follow up with Cleopatra’s Milk, after drying, make up may be applied, I use Cleopatra’s Cream at night for deep moisturizing while I sleep”.

 $24.95 US + S&H

4 oz / 120 ml


  “I just tried the masque and lotion last night ! I am amazed and delighted. The lotion helps with bad skin abrasions, insect bites, severe bruising”.

Cleopatra’s Masque User Reports